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Printer Scanner 'not connecting', help req'd pls

  AroundAgain 13:58 31 May 2020

Hi guys

Re Friend's Epson Stylus 435W Integrated Printer/Scanner Connected via WiFi but, recently trying with cable connection

This prints with no problem but, when asked to scan something, it says 'not connected' and doesn't seem to see the scanner part.

So far, using TeamViewer, I've uninstalled the printer. then re-installed it. Still scanner not seen by computer and 'not connected' error.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have another attempt at fixing it. I'm wondering if the WiFi needs to be reset?

I'm hoping someone will have some ideas regarding what else I should try / do etc. If I can't get this to work, my friend is considering buying a new one, as definitely needs a scanner!!!

Many thanks for any help/advice you can offer ;)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:26 31 May 2020

Do you have a disc with the drivers on it?

sounds like lack of twain drivers or a service not started

" Epson scan Release Date: 13-Jul-2018 File Format: EXE File Size: 0.72 MBs Additional Information Issue:

Since updating to the new version of Window 10 (April update) Epson Scan will not launch or will freeze indefinitely after launching, using Preview or pressing the scan button.


To resolve this issue we have released an updated driver or patch dependent on your Epson product."


  AroundAgain 14:34 31 May 2020

Hi Fruit Bat

You're a star!!!! ;)

I did wonder if Win 10 update might have caused the issue, as it was working up until recently.

So, I could try this via TeamViewer, of course. I'll get in touch with said friend and see what we can do.

I did try 'Update Drivers' but nothing changed. However, a specific download will hopefully make all the difference.

Out of interest, where did you go to look for this download? It didn't occur to me to try Google or go to the Epson site, I'm afraid.

Many thanks. I'll post back with outcome ;)

  AroundAgain 16:47 31 May 2020


Right, so I went to the site and downloaded the patch. I clicked on the exe fole, a window appeared asking permission which I gave but then nothing else happened. So, I don't know if it made any changes.

Unfortunately, the scanner still doesn't work and comes up with the same error message.

What next, please ??? J

Unfortunately, the scanner still shows "unable to connect"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 31 May 2020

Did you install all 4 drivers from the epson site?

  AroundAgain 17:37 31 May 2020

No, I didn't see anything other than the download button.

What am I looking for, please? I obviously missed them

Again, thanks

  AroundAgain 17:42 31 May 2020

Just been looking again and I can see 4 downloads but they're dated years ago. Are these the downloads you are talking about??? I only downloaded the one re the bit you said about!

  x13 19:20 31 May 2020

If that's not working yet then try Windows scan app from the Store. The Epson app is an old Win 8.1 app so I think it would be better to try the Windows one first. For wifi only. No guarantee of course :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 31 May 2020

yes they are dated years ago because its an old scanner.

unfortunately windows updates has a bad tendency to replace drivers with windows generic drivers that don't always work for your equipment this is why its best to keep a back up of drivers and reinstall them after an update of windows or re-download them from the manufacturer's web site.

install all four drivers and see if your scanner is then recognised.

  AroundAgain 19:29 31 May 2020

Thanks guys I'll get on and do that Fingers crossed etc ;) J

  AroundAgain 21:29 31 May 2020

Hi again guys

I've downloaded all 4 files but scanner stil not workimng. Even tried with usb cable plugged in.

So, then to MS Store, only to find the App already installed. Clicked on Launch but it didn't find printer.

Have tried switching both Pc and printer off, waited then both on again. Still same error, ie not connected.

It's strange that the printer works fine, via same connection but suppose printer is separate from scanner as far as computer concerned.

So, does this suggest the printer scanner is too old and needs replacing with newer? If so, I don't feel MS should be able to render devices unusable for the user to then have to replace. Maybe this isn't the case.

Tomorrow am I think I'll have to phone Epson to see what they have to say, unless you have any other ideas to try beforehand. ;)

I'm so sorry to be such a pain in the proverbial ;) It is important to have this, or a replacement, scanner working.

Thanks very much for all your help so far. Just hoping you have something else up your sleeves ;)


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