Printer responds from icon, not the File menu

  Connaught 11:43 26 Oct 2008

I operate Vista Home version and have an Hp 2175 Printer. Wishing to print a document in Word, I go to File Menu and then Print. The whole lot disappears. If on the other hand I click on the Printer Icon in the header, it works fine. Please can anyone explain why I have this problem.

Many thanks

  Sea Urchin 11:57 26 Oct 2008

Can you explain just what you mean by "the whole lot disappears" - the print box, Word or the window ?

  Connaught 12:12 26 Oct 2008

Yes, of course.
As soon as I touch 'print' in the drop down File menue, the program disappears and I am back to the desktop. If I did not save the document I am unable to find it either. Does that help Sea Urchin?

  Sea Urchin 13:01 26 Oct 2008

Thanks for that. Presuming that it used to work I would suggest trying a repair to Word. Help menu and click Detect and Repair - you may need to have your Office disk handy

  Connaught 15:42 26 Oct 2008

Sorry Sea Urchin. Is that the Help menu in Word or Windows? I have Word 1997 prof edn.?

  Sea Urchin 16:43 26 Oct 2008

Sorry - only just seen your posting - it's the Help menu in Word

  Connaught 01:54 28 Oct 2008

Well I tried to get into the Help menu in Word but opened another can of worms in that Vista does not support Office 97. So that is that. I will try to re install Office 97 and see what happens. I have another laptop with Vista that successfully responds to File menu print, so it is possible.


  Connaught 19:45 29 Oct 2008

Sea Urchin - this is wierd! Excel within office responds properly and other programs. It is just Word.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled Office but there was no change. As set up proceeded however I got an error message saying it was prevented from creating the file SYSTEM.MDW and that I should reboot and then go to Workgroup Administrator before running Office. I really do not know enough about this but I wonder if it has anything to do with my problem. I really dont know how to get to Worgroup Adminstrator or what I am supposed to do when I get there.I shall be very glad of more guidance.
Many thanks
Tom Wright

  Sea Urchin 15:16 30 Oct 2008

Have been doing some research this morning, and this site is exactly your problem - no solution though

click here

I have found many examples of Word 97 not working in Vista - one suggested the answer was to make sure your printer has the latest driver installed from the manufacturer's website. But the general consensus seems to be "get a more up to date version of Office or install free Open Office".

By the way, the error/s you mention relate not to Word but to Access, so don't seem relevant to your problem.

  Sea Urchin 15:20 30 Oct 2008

Forgot to mention that Response 3 on that link I gave mentions trying to use the program in Compatibility mode - might be worth a try. I don't use Vista myself yet, so am not sure how to guide you, but a search on the Help menu or Google might suffice.

  Connaught 16:25 30 Oct 2008

Thanks for that Sea Urchin.
I have two laptops one an Acer and the other an Asus. Both are Vista and there seems to be no problem with 97 on the Asus.

Something quite harmless must have got knotted up somewhere. For about a week now the boot up on the Acer suddenly slowed up considerably before it loaded windows. Just this afternoon. I tried Windows defender and also Disclean and although they registered no probloms - and they run every day - it seems to boot up normally now. Perhaps this will happen with the Printer problem but I will surely try what you have kindly posted
Thanks again Tom

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