Printer problems for novice PC laptop user

  Hanoola 09:24 01 Jun 2008

Hi, I'm new to this forum and am hoping one of you may be able to help.

If you can explain any advice in plain English, I would really appreciate it

I have an HP laptop and recently installed an Epson Stylus C84 colour ink jet printer. This worked fine and I was a happy bunny.

I tried to print out a PDF recently (text over an image) and the image part didn't print out, so thinking it was a problem with the PDF, I tried to print out a jpeg. The same thing happened. On going through the settings of the printer/document etc. the printer then somehow lost it's connection with my laptop and now I can't print anything. For some reason the laptop isn't recognising there is a printer connected to it. I've checked just about everything I know about, e.g. cable connections etc. I've even tried to uninstall the software and reinstall it, which I think has made it worse and it's now saying I don't have a printer connected at all and that an .exe file is damaged...

I'm not sure how to fix this at all!

Any advice would really be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

  jack 10:08 01 Jun 2008

I would think.
Make sure you are offline and the Anit Virus program is disabled[shut down]
Go to Start/printers and faxes, and right click on the printer icon- click delete.

Now go to add printer - top left.
Click and have the software/driver disk inserted.
let it run follow the prompts.
Where software is installed it will check it and repair and reinstall as required.

Come back if this does not work..

  Poitier 10:37 01 Jun 2008

It is possible that the original problem was an incorrect setting.If using XP,click tools select internet options click advanced and scroll down to printing.If it is not there put a tick in the box for 'print background colours and images'then click apply.

  Hanoola 10:55 01 Jun 2008

Thanks Jack. I've followed your instructions, so deleted the printer and switched off the Anti Virus. I've started the set up again with the set up disk that came with the printer and it's at the point where it's trying to 'find' the printer, however this is as far as I get because although the printer's switched on and the USB connected to the patop, it's not registering that it's found it.

The note says 'The printer may not be connected properly, or a different printer may be connected. Confirm the printer and it's connections, then click retry' (I've done this about 5 times... and triple checked all USB connection etc.


p.s. I'm on Vista if that makes any difference.

  Hanoola 10:57 01 Jun 2008

It's just come up with another note that says

'The printer port s set to USB001. To use the printer on a network, change the printer port as necessary' ???

  jack 11:40 01 Jun 2008

That is the one you need unless of course the printer is networked - which I presume it is not -one printer to one computer.

I hope you are using another on line source for this exchange- the Computer that is having the printer installed should be Offline and AntiVirus disabled.

  Hanoola 21:37 01 Jun 2008

No, I'm afraid not. I'm using the same laptop and yes it is antivirus disabled (while I try to fix the printer).

I've just downloaded the latest driver from the Epson website but still no joy.

  Hanoola 22:03 01 Jun 2008

OK, now it's printing. I have no idea how I fixed it but it seems OK.

However it's not printing all of the image/text. Basically I'm trying to print out labels which have been set up as a PDF. About 60 on a page, each has a the persons name on and a logo behind. The names are printing but not the logo or the keyline for the label. I've changed the settings to text and image and it hasn't made any difference. I've tried printing the same file as a jpeg and this isn't working either.

p.s. Antivirus is now back up and running.

  jack 08:17 02 Jun 2008

Leave well alone in this area.
The printer will only print what it gets from the computer.
The question you have to resolve now is why is the print image not the same as the screen display.

From where I am sitting ) I not got a clue = I'd have to be there.
But here is a possible alternative.
With the image to full screen. make a screen shot.
[Alt/Print Screen]
Open your image editor and go to Edit in Edit click
paste as new images,check the size you want, click save as give it a name.
Now print from there.

  Hanoola 19:43 02 Jun 2008

I've established that the problem is with the printer in that it isn't printing tints or grey scale, just anything that's solid black.

  jack 19:51 02 Jun 2008

This has to do with the software controlling it.
Come away from the document/program in quest and print a full bloodied photo in colour
tell us what you get,

Give a run down on the image editing/printing programs you have installed.

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