printer problems

  [DELETED] 20:22 22 Jun 2006

i haven't used my canon smartbase mp 360 printer for a while and after re-formatting. It printed o.k, then last night it just started printing one colour only, blue, it won't print black as well. i've deep cleaned it and tried to calibrate it to no avail. Is it possible the print head is knackered due to using compatibles or can it be repaired back to its working state, iv'e tried cleaning it with turps

  namtas 21:08 22 Jun 2006

First try changing the cartridges, could have gone faulty.

  [DELETED] 22:21 22 Jun 2006

Try a Cleaning cartridge - there is one for black and another for the colour.

I am not sure and others with more knowledge will comment but the use of turps concerns me.

  spuds 10:34 23 Jun 2006

Don't use turps or anything similar near printer heads. But people have suggested WD40, which I cannot vouch for, having no experiences of this method.

I would suggest that you try new cartridges, especially if the old one's have been standing for quite a long time.

One experiment that you could try before throwing away the old cartridges (no guarantees given), is to place the cartridges in separate strong plastic bags, and leave them suspended over (not in) a container of warm water for ten to twenty minutes, half hour if need be. Then shake the cartridges, whilst still in the bags, if no mess or big leaks, retry in the printer.

Regarding cartridges, I refill my own, use compatibles as well as originals. Personally, if you get a good supply chain, then I found little difference in each of these methods.But then again, I am never looking for extra special professional work turnouts by using refills or compatibles.

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