Printer problems

  ivy lynn-251214 13:20 30 Aug 2003

When i try to pnint document, I get .......
"check printer is online"
"check printer is connected properly"
"reinstall priner driver"

I have done all of this but still get same message

Do not know if this is of any significance but i have just replaced all of my ink cartriges except the black.

Before I changed them priter was saying
"no ink replace ink cardrige"

Any Ideas????????

  Wak 15:38 30 Aug 2003

Hi, It might help if you told us what system you are running and which make of printer it is.
Someone with a similar set-up might have had similar problems!

  Cassieopia 15:54 30 Aug 2003

It sounds like one of the new ink cartriges has a bad contact. try removing them and inspect the contact surface. if you can't see a problem refit the cartiges

  ivy lynn-251214 16:06 30 Aug 2003

Hi Wak

I run win ME, printer is Sharp AJ-1805

  Wak 18:30 30 Aug 2003

Hi Etna, I won't be much help as I run Win 98SE and a Lexmark.
However, you could try a RIGHT click on MY COMPUTER/ Properties/ Device Manager and see if there are any yellow marks against your printer, the drivers or the ports?
Is your printer still listed in the Dev Manager??
Also, if it asks if your printer is on line, have you checked the fuse in the plugtop???

  woodchip 18:32 30 Aug 2003

Have you tried replacing the black

  woodchip 18:32 30 Aug 2003

Have you tried replacing the black

  ivy lynn-251214 13:30 31 Aug 2003

Thanks Guy's

Problem solved, but iI don't really know what solved it. After checking and re-checking it decides to co-operate.

Once again thanks all

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