Printer problem with HP driver

  xania 10:19 14 Mar 2011

My Windows 7 PC has access to 2 different HP F380 desktop printers which I share with another user on a Windows XP PC (for operational reasons). both machines look and feel the same but it is interesting to note that the power supplies to each are NOT interchangeable implying some differences.

On my PC, the printer 1 was installed and worked perfectly. We did use the correct Wondows 7 driver which we downloaded from the HP web-site.

When it came to installing printer 2, this insisted on reloading its own drivers so I have 2 versions of the printer in the printers list and each printer is shown as on-line only with the correct printer.

Now comes the rub. Both printers operate perfectly well with any MS Office product, but the main software I use is an off-the shelf product from AlphaLaw and any printout that is generated from this product appears to go through the printer stream but printer 2 simply refuses to print it (printer 1 has no problem with Alpha Law out-put).

Any ideas or thoughth about why this may happen?

  xania 13:32 14 Mar 2011

Thanks for this - there are no problems indocated in device manager so I suspect that, when I introduced printer 2 the PC simply cocked up by using the installed files rather than re-running the installation program again.

If no-one else comes up with any other ideas before tomorrow, I think I'll remove both the installations, reboot and start again.

  xania 14:34 14 Mar 2011

Now found out that, although printer 2 in perfectly happy with Word, it will not print from Excel!!

  SparkyJack 14:38 14 Mar 2011

......'both machines look and feel the same but it is interesting to note that the power supplies to each are NOT interchangeable implying some differences.'
I assume you refer to the printers.
If so that would assume the one that works is a more recent model and its firmware has been updated[Firmware- circuits buiultinto thre printer- not a driver]
It might bew a good idea to trawl the HP sire to see if this the case.
A goood website to looknito this is
click here
However last suggestion may be the best with the proviso the you install only the latest[printer 2] software and see if printer 1[the earlier?] runs with it.

  xania 09:45 15 Mar 2011

Thanks but nothign knwon about my printers and all the comments relate to other types of problem.

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