Printer Problem- EPSON STYLUS Col400 & Win 98 SE

  Steinman 13:35 07 Nov 2003

For neighbour I installed ok the above printer. All running smoothly,test page ok, until suddenly got EPSON message "printer is off-line". However, the printer was on-line using LPT1 Printer Port & printer cable.
Went through Windows troubleshooter & no joy. Did change cable but no joy. Printer has the green on-line light showing."printer is off-line" message still showing.
Even un-installed & re-installed but again nothing.
Any ideas anyone?

  DieSse 14:30 07 Nov 2003

Try changing the parallel port type in the BIOS - this may force it to re-install, and perhaps jog it's memory!

  JIM 14:50 07 Nov 2003

launch the Epson printer software. Go to Spool Manager, click on the Queue and select Setup. Make sure the check box of "Use Print Manager for this port" is checked.

  Steinman 14:50 07 Nov 2003

Could you explain how to do it please?
Got rough idea but dont want to muff it up.

  DieSse 14:59 07 Nov 2003

When you start the system, keep pressing the del key (that's the most common way of enterng the BIOS - it usually shows it on the initila boot up screen).

On the BIOS front page, you wll see a menu - use the cursor and enter keys to select the page "Integrated Peripherals".

On there will be a setting for the Parallel Port. Use the page up and page down keys to change it's setting. If it's set to SPP try ECP and/or EPP and/or ECP/EPP. The normally recommende setting for Epson and HP printers is ECP - but try chaging it anyway.

If your BIOS is not exactly like this - you may have to hunt around a bit for the settings.

  Steinman 21:24 11 Nov 2003

I took the cartridges out & put um back in again & it worked ok! Touch wood-fingers crossed-etc!!

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