Printer Problem - CANON PIXMA MP160

  Graphicool1 12:13 09 Apr 2010

Hi My printer is a 'Printer/Scanner' around two years old. I've never had any trouble with it until now. I'd run the nozzle cleaning process. As I do from time to time and went to run the nozzle check pattern print out. I place some paper in the printer, clicked print. Abruptly the paper was pulled to the right. While the printer went through the motions of printing. Then telling me it had printed the sheet! The sheet however hadn't be taken into the machine and was still sticking out the back at an angle.

I tried this proceedure several times, all with the same results. I also tried printing normally, but to no avail.

I phoned CANON Customer Help Line and the guy I spoke to was just as clueless as myself. In the end, all he could say was that it should be checked out by a maintenance person. I don't want to go down that road, I think it would be cheaper to buy a new printer.

Has anyone had this or a similar problem, if so how was it resolved?

  The Kestrel 13:46 09 Apr 2010

It is just not worth taking your printer for repair as it will cost much more than a replacement. I have just bought a Canon MP190 from Ebuyer click here A repair will cost far more than this!

  Graphicool1 14:08 09 Apr 2010

Thanx for the link, yeah if no one can come up with a DIY solution that'll be the route I'll be taking. Cheers

  sconedd 14:29 09 Apr 2010

Can any of the forum give me advice on a choice of scanner. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate working off 64 bit, and I was thinking of getting an Epson Perfection V300. It will only be used for reference on drawings, art etc. It won't be used for photo work or anything complicated, but I do like the Epson machines, are they compatable with my OS?. Can anyone give me their thoughts?. Thanks in advance for the answer and trouble.

  Graphicool1 14:39 09 Apr 2010

You are opening your post in my thread. I'm guessing you're a newbie. If you want your question answered...
click here
...and scroll down the page and under the heading 'Create New Subject For Discussion' retype your question. You will then be informed if there are any answers.

  The Kestrel 23:08 09 Apr 2010


This is for the MP190, but may be of use to you click here

  john bunyan 10:52 10 Apr 2010

If you have a local Cartridge World, they may help. My local one likes Canon and sometimes can repair them.

  Graphicool1 15:21 10 Apr 2010

Unfortunately neither the under or over roller cleaning techniques work. As paper has to run through the machine and that is the problem, it isn't!

john bunyan
Thanx for the suggestion, however I've never heard of them? There is a PC World, but the nearest one is Norwich. Which isn't near at all really!

I was in the local Wilkinson's shop today and they have HP all in one printers, reduced to £39. With no postage to pay, it sounds good to me.

Thanx for the thought and taking the time to look for a cheaper solution. But, I have never found the YouTube so called solution videos to be very helpfull.

When I got my A4 Canon all in one printer, two years ago. I was really only looking for a scanner, as the one I had at the time had packed up. I'm not really a fan of all in one anything. Because if one part packs up...!

The reason I got it was because it was the same price of a scanner on its own, no brainer. I already had/have an Epson Large Format A2 Printer.

So being as most of the work I've been doing of late is in A3 format. I've come to the conclusion that I'd be better off getting myself an A3 scanner instead. Unless of course I should happen to see an all in one A3 scanner/printer for the same price of a scanner on its own!?

  john bunyan 11:06 11 Apr 2010

Here is a store locator for Cartridge World.
click here
I do agree separate scanner and printer, though - I bought an all in one as my wife uses it as a photocopier, but also have a scanner for film.

  Graphicool1 15:10 11 Apr 2010

Thanx for the heads up. However, the four nearest places of 'Cartridge World' to where I live are...

Sudbury &
Kings Lynn

Ironically I live bang in the centre, that being approx thirty miles from each! I don't drive and adding the cost of getting there and back twice, to take it and fetch it. Would be for me, somewhat expensive.

  Graphicool1 14:58 12 Apr 2010

In case anyone else has this problem, I thought I should post my solution. I have already posted the solution as a new thread, but someone suggested it would be a good idea if I were to tag it on here. So here it is...

I thought there can't be much wrong with it. If I undo a few screws and get the cover off, I'd probably see the problem and get it sorted right off.

I looked at a few YouTube vid's, showing other people stripping down Canon printers to get inside, for other reasons. It would seem that there are a lot more screws to undo and a lot more things to remove, than I first thought. It's one thing stripping something down and a whole different story putting it back together. I thought there must be another, easier solution? There was...

The only tools you need are the Pink Cleaning Fluid, that comes with the refill ink bottles a cotton bud and either long, skinny fingers or small hands, as there isn't much room to manoeuvre. You can unplug the printer before starting. I didn't, but I'm a reckless idiot!

You insert the paper upright in a slot at the back of the Canon PIXMA MP160. Behind the paper is a plastic or metal plate, that flips up, pushing the paper forward. In front and at the bottom, of the top sheet of paper, there is a metal bar that runs the width of the printer. On this bar, in a fixed position to the right, there is a free spinning, rubber, pinch roller. This cannot be seen from wherever you look. The only way you can tell it is there is to put your fingers down the slot where you insert the paper, then you'll be able to feel it. It is directly adjacent to another roller which is concealed inside a white plastic block. The block can be seen if you look down the paper slot.

When the paper is pushed forward the white block tilts backward, allowing a sheet of paper to slip down and be pinched or trapped between the two rollers. The roller in the white block then pulls the paper into the printer. These rollers are what you have to clean with the cleaning fluid and cotton buds.

When you think you have cleaned it enough, plug the printer back in, turn on and go to you printer icon in the...
'Control Panel'
Right click the 'Printer' icon
Click 'Properties'
Click the 'Maintenance' tab
Click 'Roller Cleaning'
And follow the instructions, if you have cleaned the rollers enough, the paper should feed through just as it used to. If not, unplug the printer and do it some more.

It worked for me.

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