Printer problem (Canon BJC 3000)

  palinka 14:58 15 Apr 2007

for a few weeks my printer has seemed to stsrt up Ok - all the usual noises, up to the point at which printing actually starts (ie when the first sheet of p[aper is auto-fed into the printer); it stopped at that point, the orange light flashed but by pressing the Resume button things have continued normally.
Today I can't get it even to that stage. There is no noise, I just get an error mesage - the Status Monitor says "printer nor responding"; and the Printers Folder says "there was an error...etc , etc..will retry in 5 seconds".
The lights flash 5 times alternately orange and green, then green, then alternately again. Handbook says thuiis indicates "there may be a service error". The printer is 6 years old and is used every day; is it in its death throes?

  Stuartli 15:37 15 Apr 2007

This should be the sequence to sort it out:

click here

If it's not, try other areas of the website.

Every Canon printer I've had (and it goes back to 1996) has such sequences.

  palinka 18:04 15 Apr 2007

that looks useful, thanks Stuartli. Have to go out now, but I'll work through it later.

  palinka 22:04 15 Apr 2007

Now I've read it all it seems that it is a waste-tank-full problem and it is a known problem with Canon printers. That link took me to this one - click here from which I've concluded that even if I take it all apart as described in the website instructions I then have the further problem of the "reset sequence" that apparently Canon will not supply! Given that my printer is 6 years old I think I'm going to replace it.
Question is, what printer do I buy ? Until this happened I've always found the BJC 3000 a good machine, but the "built-in obsolescence" factor now gives me concern about buying anothr Canon.
And of course this has happened at a time when I need a printer right now and I haven't time to research a new one.
Any suggestions, please?

  Stuartli 22:15 15 Apr 2007

It's also something to think about with Epson printers...:-)

  palinka 22:31 15 Apr 2007

thanks for that warning.

  Wak 09:57 16 Apr 2007

Hi, Have a look at this link,
click here
There is only one reference to the BJC 3000. Look for the date 4/10/06 in the forum and the reply is on 4/11/06 which I think is the next day as the American date setting is different to the UK.
Hope this helps.

  keef66 15:24 16 Apr 2007

Our last printer was a BJC 3000. I wasted a lot of time Googling for fixes, took the thing apart and cleaned the huge blotter type thing in the waste ink tank, but never got it working again (I suspect the internal psu failed in the end!)

In spite of that, bought another Canon, this time a Pixma ip3000, very much better print quality (esp. photos), speeds, CD printing etc.

Print head failed in less than a year so replaced foc by Canon. (I think that happened because we let one of the colours run out and didn't replace it quickly enough)

Now 2 yrs old and well out of warranty, sailing along nicely using Choice Stationery compatibles

  David4637 17:06 16 Apr 2007

If you look at the fixyourown web site there is bound to be a reset code for your printer that someone has found works. You will have to search for it. I have cleaned my ink waste pads and reset my Canon s630. Took an afternoon to take it apart, wash the pads. Dry them overnight and assemble next day. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE - NOTHING except a few hours. Think of the satisfaction. David

  toxin 22:15 16 Apr 2007

I have a 7yr old Canon BJC8200, a couple of years ago I had the same problem. It's built in by canon for a service call.
Took the printer apart and discovered that the waste ink tank contained two layers of pads, and only the lower one was soiled, the upper one was completely clean! So much for "Waste ink tank full".
Reassembled printer and reset using the following sequence, which was for an S900, but which I tried and it worked. It may work for you.

1. Switch printer OFF with the power button, press and hold the resume button, press and hold the power button, green indicator will light.
2. Still holding the power button, release the resume button, press resume twice and then release the power button.
3. The green indicator will blink while initial reset is in progress, when it stops blinking press resume button 4 times to reset the waste ink counter.
4. Press power button, indicator will light green and operation will be completed. Printer should switch itself off after this operation,

As I said it worked for me and the printer is still going strong using JetTec cartridges, at around £2.30 apiece.

Hope it helps, Toxin.

  palinka 22:51 16 Apr 2007

thank you all very much for all these suggestions. I'm too busy to follow them up right now (these things always happen at busy times, don't they) so I'm borrowing a printer from a friend for a couple of weeks and after that I will try out the suggestions for fixing it myself. If it works, fine; if not, I've then got time to look around for a replacement.

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