Printer Problem

  ikle_pixie 01:49 01 Mar 2003


Right, Yesterday i changed my printer cartridge. Now ive been doing this for about 5 years for this printer and never had a problem. When id finished i closed the lid waiting for the usual warning that the print heads need aligning. But nothing. I looked at my Printer and the amber light is flashing. I tried everything to make it work but to no avail. In the end i gave up, thinking that the old thing had finally given up.

Today i decided it was about time i got myself a better printer anyway so i went out and bought one. Ive just got round to installing it. I followed the instructions religiously. According to the instructions, when i closed the lid after installing the cartridges that it will automatically do the other stuff like calibrating and stuff. But low and behold the amber light was flashing.

The only thing i can think it can be is the parallel cable cus ive used it for both.

Does anyone else agree? Im worried....

  Djohn 02:00 01 Mar 2003

It could well be. What O/S are you using and what make/model are the two printers?

  ikle_pixie 02:04 01 Mar 2003

i'm using windows 2000. The first printer is a hp dj 890C the second is a hp dj 5552

  tbh72 02:07 01 Mar 2003

Goto the HP website and d/l new driver's, win2k can be such a pig

  tbh72 02:08 01 Mar 2003

Hello Djohn, how come your not in bed.....

  Djohn 02:10 01 Mar 2003

tbh72, I've been reading flecc's thread again! it's like a novel now. :o)

  tbh72 02:15 01 Mar 2003

I had also spent a good thirty minutes reading it....!!!!

He's done a fantastic job on that windows operating system, If he can manage to combine everything to CD which will enable me to run scandisk & defrag at the speed's quoted I'll be his friend for life!!!!

  Djohn 02:17 01 Mar 2003

ikle_pixie, did you remove the printer and drivers of your first printer before installing second one?

Also have you checked the cable at the PC end? remove it anyway and replace it, just to make sure. Do as tbh72 has suggested, and if that does not work, then try a new cable. J.

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