Printer Problem

  ponytail 10:25 10 Jun 2012

I need to print off my wifes CV but when it printed the print started nearly half way across the page which meant some of the longer sentences were cut short.When I went into print preview it looks fine.Not sure if I am using portrait or landscape.Just printed one of my spread sheets and the print is going from end to end I have to hold it horizontally to read it I normally read it holding it vertically.How to I check and if needs be change from Portrait to landscape or vice versa.

  KRONOS the First 10:34 10 Jun 2012

You are printing in landscape if you are having to turn the paper horizontal to read it. To Change this.

Control panel>Devices and Printers>Right click the printer>Printing Preferences>Orientation>Put a dot in Portrait>Apply>OK.

This was using Windows 7 but I think you get the idea.

  ponytail 10:44 10 Jun 2012

Hi Chronus I did find out that info just before you replied. my wifes CV is now fine as I hold it vertically to read it. But the spread sheet I printed is the same as before as I have to hold it horizontally to read it.It does not cause any problems as all the info is there but I have always read it horizontally.Why has one changed but not the other.

  KRONOS the First 10:56 10 Jun 2012

It sounds like you have altered an Excel setting perhaps, but there maybe help here. Portrait/landscape.

  ponytail 11:16 10 Jun 2012

Hi Again Chronus I clicked on your link and clicked on change the page orientation when you are ready to print.It says select worksheet ok but it then says click on file tab but cannot see any file tab to click on can you advise.

  KRONOS the First 11:45 10 Jun 2012

Unfortunately I cannot advise as I have just spent a fair bit of time Googling your question and have not come across the answer. I know very little about the Office 2007 and as long as I can type a letter thats about it.

Surely someone here will come to your rescue.

  john bunyan 11:54 10 Jun 2012

Please give the make and model of your printer. Does a dialogue box appear where you can set orientation etc?

  Ian in Northampton 12:09 10 Jun 2012

If Excel 2007 is anything like Excel 2003, check the following. Go to File - Print - Properties - Layout - and click on either 'landscape' or 'portrait'.

  ponytail 12:44 10 Jun 2012

Hi John Bunyan & ian in Northampton The printer is a Brother DCP-J315W see reply from chronus I went into orientation and selected portrait.My wifes CV prints in portrait but my spreadsheet prints in landscape if I select landscape the CV prints in landscape but the spreadsheet seems to print in landscape whatever option I have chosen.

  ponytail 12:54 10 Jun 2012

I have just gone back into orientation and selected portrait The CV printed vertically and the spreadsheet printed horizontally Went back in orientation and changed it to landscape this time both printouts were horizontal which means the spreadsheet prints horizontal whichever option I choose but the CV changes to what option I have selected not sure why.

  Ian in Northampton 13:02 10 Jun 2012

Ponytail: have you set the orientation you need in both Word and Excel prior to printing? The values you enter in the application should override any 'global' option you've set for the printer.

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