printer problem

  bumpkin 22:16 25 Jun 2011

Hi everyone, I have a Canon i560 printer that has worked perfectly for three years including good quality photo prints. Now for some reason if I print a photo it has lines all across it like I am looking at it through a venetian blind. I have tried the maintenance tools, deep clean, nozzle check, alignment. Any suggestions please.


  chub_tor 08:04 26 Jun 2011

My guess is that you have a clogged print head and cleaning and/or deep cleaning probably won't clear it. Remove all four cartridges. Flip the grey lever up (right side of the yellow cartridge) and reach into the area where the carts were and pull the top of the print head towards you, it's loose, just wiggle it to remove it. Do not touch the contacts after you get it out. Warm some water in a pan and dunk just the bottom part of the print head into the water, about one-half inch should do it...swish it around for a minute or so changing the water whn it gets murky. When the water is clear take the print head out and then dry it with a blast of warm air or leave it in a warm place to dry out. Put it all back together and it'll probably work after one or two cleanings...Deep cleaning shouldn't be required.

  bumpkin 16:12 26 Jun 2011

hi chub-tor, thanks for your advice, tried it once to no avail will have another few goes, can I just but a new printhead rather than a new machine or is it upgrade time?


  bumpkin 16:13 26 Jun 2011

I meant buy not but.)-

  chub_tor 17:28 26 Jun 2011

You can buy a new print head but they are almost as expensive as buying a new printer. I should keep trying to clean the old print head first and maybe use some new cartridges.

  bumpkin 21:41 26 Jun 2011

Thanks for the reply, I will give it a few more tries, if it is not to be then a new printer. I like cannon,they seem to be good to me, any advice on what to buy. I don`t mind paying for quality.


  chub_tor 10:10 27 Jun 2011

I am a Canon fan too although you will find that not everyone on this forum is. But if I was looking for a new Canon I would choose the MG5250 which seems to have all my current requirements bar one. It does have WiFi /n, it does print directly onto CD and DVD, it is a multi function scanner/copier. it prints high quality photos and it has 5 separate in tanks. BUT so far I have yet to find a source of reasonably priced compatibles. There are some available but they are still pricey compared to the compatibles for my (non WiFi) Canon MP560 which is no longer available.

  amonra 11:22 27 Jun 2011

Leave the print head in a dish of water overnight. Sometimes the clogged holes take time to clear.

  bumpkin 21:59 27 Jun 2011

Thanks to all, i will give it one last go with overnight soak but I don`t hold up a lot of hope.


  bumpkin 22:16 27 Jun 2011

Amazon are selling Pixmax MG5250 @ £87.50 I don`t really need the wi fi. Anyone got a better solution please.


  bumpkin 18:20 28 Jun 2011

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, bought a new printer in the end. One has to equate the time spent buggering about with it to the cost of a replacement.



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