Printer problem

  keithpld 15:37 06 Jul 2009

My Canon Pixma IP2000 has developed a fault which I suspect may be terminal - every second line seems to print as if I've run out of ink, but the printing between is OK. I've had it a long time and it has survived several other seemngly terminal faults - error codes and the like, but I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

Otherwise, I am totally confused by the printer market - has anyone any suggestions for a reasonably cheap, reasonalbe equality, basic inkjet which doesn't cost the earth everytime you print something and it's possible to get compatible cartridges for? And can someone explain how one gets round the chip issue?



  Graphicool1 15:57 06 Jul 2009

It sounds like a Print Head problem to me? Have you tried cleaning the heads and/or checking alignment.

  keithpld 16:38 06 Jul 2009

Much to my surprise that has fixed it. I didn't realise it could be a print head problem if some lines printed normally. Many thanks.

  DieSse 19:21 06 Jul 2009

I think it's probably because the printhead is tall enough that it prints two (normal size) lines at the same time.

  David4637 19:51 06 Jul 2009

Do a print page test, rather than from say printing a word file, this will check whether its a format prob within say Word.
If you suspect its the print head then
1. put the printing part of the head in a saucer of hot distilled water say 0.25 inches deep. Slosh the water. Repeat until water becomes clear.
2. Leave it overnight in clear hot water.
3. If necessary repeat this again over a few more nights. Dab with dry cloth/tissue.
4. If this does not work then the head is probably faulty.

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