Printer problem

  bellababy 14:05 20 May 2006

I have had a problem printing web pages for a while, the very far right hand side is partially missing. I'm using a fairly old printer now HP DeskJet 710c series, I have been on their web site to search their knowledge base and the best answer I can find to the problem is to select portrait when printing as against landscape. This works OK except for example when normally four pages would cover the task in landscape it would take six pages in portrait.
Does anyone have a better solution please.

  woodchip 14:11 20 May 2006

Alter your Monitor Resolution. Have you got it set at 800x600 ?????

  bellababy 14:15 20 May 2006

Thanks woodchip but how do I do that?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:15 20 May 2006

Could go to page setup and change the margins.
FILE/Pagesetup/crank the margins down to 10mm on each side and see if it works, can go lower if required. Think you have your landscape and portrait settings mixed up.

  woodchip 15:24 20 May 2006

Right click Desktop\Properties\Settings Advanced look for the Resolution drop down box

  bellababy 15:35 20 May 2006

Hertz Van Rentyl.
The portrait instead of landscape is what HP help site suggested.
Have had a look at margins as you suggest, but mine are in inches and set at 0.75 which I reckon is three quarters of an inch, that would convert to 19.5 mm. That would seem to be greater than 10mm if I'm correct! So to reduce the margin would be going the wrong way would it not?

  woodchip 15:39 20 May 2006

Do you need to print the entire page? or the info on it? If only the Info why not copy past it, then print. You will not then be wasting ink on Pics and buttons etc, that you do not need

  Muzzz 15:40 20 May 2006

Are you checking the print settings on Internet Explorer and not the Printer itself, as web pages print differently as you now know so its the page setup in IE, if you've already done so then.....mmmmm?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:46 20 May 2006

Reducing the margin will decrease the bit that aint printed on either side so as to give you a larger area to print in, you will have 19mm more printable area.Printing in landscape does this but wastes a load of paper down each edge and uses more sheets. Printing in Portrait uses less sheets but the writing will not print on one edge. Maybe it's different with an HP printer.

  Belatucadrus 15:50 20 May 2006

Have you tried using Firefox, it's got much better print handling than IE.

  bellababy 15:54 20 May 2006

Woodchip. have been down the path you suggest but getting into a bit of a mess there so have pulled out. But would that make any difference anyway?

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