Printer problem

  edennorman 18:46 27 Jan 2006


I have a problem that is driving me has been going on for some time, I have tried everything.

I have a epson photo stylus 1270 A 3 printer.

It works just fine...but very often I get an error message saying the printer is out of paper, and I have to uninstall the software....close the it again and reinstall the software driver...this only lasts sometimes fore a few printed copies....I go away and when I come back and try to print I get the error message again.

So i have to uninstall etc ect.

I have tried contacting epson online support, and searching Google with the problem with no success.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you


  Stuartli 19:58 27 Jan 2006
  woodchip 20:04 27 Jan 2006

If you only have the Epson printer, After removing from Add Remove, Search for Epson on you drive with search program and delete all. Then type regedit in Run Box, go to menu under Edit\Finf type Epson press enter Delete what it finds, Press F3 after each delete to find next

  woodchip 20:05 27 Jan 2006

Reload Epson as Normal

  edennorman 10:50 30 Jan 2006

Progress so far.

I did the regedit thing, I think I caught every reference to epson and deleted it.

I reinstalled.

Printed ok yesterday.

This morning the same error came up when i tried to "Printer out of paper"

So I am going to do the reg edit again.

And also look at the tips about ink counter...never even heard of that thingy :)

The battle continues!


  edennorman 10:56 30 Jan 2006

I have just downloaded the ssc software and will be playing with it after I have done a reg edit and re installed the epson drivers.


p.s. thank you so much for your help, this is a great forum really.

  edennorman 20:49 30 Jan 2006


I hope someone will still be around to reply to this post :)

Things move so quickly on this busy forum! I downloaded the SSC software and played around with it all I could do...I certainly did idea what it was really?

Now....allthough I still get this error message every time I try to print...

A communication error has occurred.
Check all cable connections and make sure all devices are on. If the device was turned off during printing, cancel the print job. If the error still does not clear, see the manual's troubleshooting section to cancel the error.

It still prints every time ok with no problem so far....the erorr message justs flashes away as it prints!

I think something has been overidden?

The printer is over 3 years old...although it was not a cheap printer at the time?

Do you think it might need a new "bit"?

Ink pads maybe?

How to get those little buggers I wonder?

Thank you so much for your help thus far.


  woodchip 20:52 30 Jan 2006

Only thing now I can suggest is try a New print data cable

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