Printer Problem

  DW9047 22:37 24 May 2005

I have an Epson Stylus CX5200 All in one printer.
The problem I have is that the Printer goes through all the motions as if it is printing, feeds the paper through makes all the noises as if printing, but actually prints nothing, Same when using the photocopy function. I have done the head cleaning to clean the Nozzles and have used up half of the Ink in the process but it still does not print anything, Colour or Black, Text or Pictures. Not a mark on the paper. I have gone through the test page troubleshooter and still nothing.

Has anybody any Idea what could be wrong, or maybe suggest something to try that I have not looked at yet.


  Buchan 35 22:52 24 May 2005

The only idea I have is as follows. How long have you had this Printer? If less than 12 months it`s still in guarantee. So phone Epson and find out where the nearest authorised Epson printer mechanic/fitter is and arrange an appointment. On the other hand, if you`re out of guarantee then do the same and at least you`ll have an address to take the offending printer to and have it seen to. I`ve got an Epson printer and the local guy does not charge an arm and a leg. Best of luck Dave

  wee eddie 00:03 25 May 2005

Are you sure that the paper is following the correct path.

Have you run a Test Print

  DW9047 08:48 25 May 2005

Yes, I have Run the test Print, and nothing.

Paper seems to go through correctly?

How can I see if it is not?


  wee eddie 11:58 25 May 2005

This may be able to provide the answer to your question.

click here

Good luck.

  jack 12:04 25 May 2005

Initial thoughts are blocked jets due to infrequent use, but as you say much cleaning done.

Try the following.
Remove ALL software associated with the printer
including the driver.

Give the system a good clean up- CC Cleaner/A Shampoo/Norton or Windoze own
[ Start/Programs/Accessories/tools /disk cleanup.

Disconnect printer

Then reinstall following exactly the routine
laid down.

Then give it a go.

If the print does not occur then we shall have to look to the printer itself to give the jets a good clean - of that more in an other post- though if you look at recent Epson printer woes posts, pumping the jets with syringes/straws, and Vodka have been covered well.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 25 May 2005

Epsons are all the same follow these steps to fix!
1) uninstall your epson printer making sure printer switched off.

2) Hold the windows key on your keyboard and click the Puse/Break button, the System propoties dialog box will apear!

3) select Hardware, Device Manager select the connection type either Universal Serial Bus (USB) or PORTS (COM & LPT) select your printers driver (epson...etc..)it will probubly have a (!)by it click remove driver!

4) Restart your PC

5) Insert Epson CD into drive and load software when it says epson not found searching for connection the switch on your printer Windows will detect it and use the driver off the cdrom to install it! Click next then Finish.

6) Restart your pc.

7) It is recogmended you do a ink cartage nossle clean on your printer once a month and print a test page! for more details consult your user guide PS.

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