Printer problem

  Bugzee 17:45 01 Sep 2004

My Lexmark z11 has suddenly starting printing blank pages !!!! i have re installed drivers , cleaned the printhead etc Help please !!!!!!

  Stuartli 18:00 01 Sep 2004

Have you used the troubleshooting program provided with the printer (at least the Lexmark printers I've come across)?

There's also a calibration sequence.

These may also help:

click here

click here

  Cyclone 20:49 01 Sep 2004

Does the printer pass a self test? If it does not it cannot be the drivers and must be the printer itself.

  Bugzee 21:28 01 Sep 2004

hi cyclone ,yes it speaks to me (in a american accent) telling me print started and it goes through the motion of printing ,but still blank pages !!!

  Bugzee 23:24 01 Sep 2004

can someone shed some light , normally somebody comes up with an answer on this excellent site !!

  Sans le Sou 23:43 01 Sep 2004

Any particular programme or does this happen to all print jobs text and graphics?

  griffon 56 00:13 02 Sep 2004

Hi Bugzee,

I hate to say it. Ink?

  Bugzee 00:26 02 Sep 2004

hi sans le sou & griffon 56 ,it happens on all programes ,and it is a full ink cartridge , this is why i think it is windows based ,can i do a scan disk in xp ?

  wee eddie 12:20 02 Sep 2004

A blank page is printed after, say a letter.

The reason. Word processor thinks that the letter is longer than it is.

Solution: Check Preview Pane before you hit the print button. You may need to delete the blank spaces after your sign off message.

  wee eddie 14:46 02 Sep 2004

How are you switching the Printer, On and Off.

There was a recent thread about the printing of white pages.

The thread owner was using the Power Switch of his PC the turn his whole set-up On and Off.

Turning the Printer On after the PC is turned on, and Off before the PC is turned Off, using it's own Switch, seemed to cure the problem.

  Stuartli 15:39 02 Sep 2004

Might sound daft, but you have checked the cartridge(s)?

Not sure whether the Z11 uses one cartridge for b/w plus colour or two (one black and one colour).

If you have done a lot of (black) text work and only have one cartridge, it may have run out.

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