printer problem

  l1lly 17:55 04 Aug 2004

i am having problems with my printer .. it will print pages from the internet but not from microsoft word .. it hasnt given me this problem before .. i have uninstalled n let it be found as new hardware .. given it a full clean n everything is in workin order n printin out test sheets no probs .. but the problem still persists .. i am using window xp .. n the printer is an hp psc 2200 series all in one .. can u plz help as i have some urgent letters to print off .. thank u

  woodchip 18:23 04 Aug 2004

You will have a lot less probs using a EPSON. I have seen too many probs with MS Word and HP printers. It's the Drivers. You could try removing all HP files and references. Then Reload Drivers

  Wilham 19:33 04 Aug 2004

lilly: When using Word, click Start, then Printers and Faxes. This should show the 2200 printer icon.

Right click on this icon,- which produces a list.

If 'Set as Default Printer' is on the list, select it with left click.

If this line is not on the list, click 'Open' at top of same list,- you will see if a print queue is holding things up.

An explanation could be that an accessory has been set for a non-existent printer.

Just an idea....

  jack 20:09 04 Aug 2004

Also try .......

Delete printer driver
When driver request comes up
dont Put CD in let Windoze find one from its library of generic drivers..............

  l1lly 20:42 04 Aug 2004

woodchip .. am after a solution for my problem not after buyin another printer
wilham .. tried ur suggestion but that didnt do the trick but thank u
jack .. how do i delete the printer drivers .. n there isnt a disc for this printer it installs itself as windows finds it as u plug it into the usb

  woodchip 21:11 04 Aug 2004

go to start settings printers right click the printer and delete, then restart comp with printer switched on

  l1lly 00:36 05 Aug 2004

woodchip .. i did this n when i restarted my comp it found new hardware but it will only print internet pages n not files from the likes of microsoft word

  Wak 09:26 05 Aug 2004

Can you print from other programs like Wordpad or Notepad??
If you can then it could be a problem with Microsoft Word and not your printer.
Just a thought!.

  woodchip 13:00 05 Aug 2004

It sound like a Operating System Fault, if it works with the Internet then it should work with all the programs on your computer. Try this, put your Full XP disc in computer and Type as Follows in the Run Box and Press Enter


  l1lly 20:13 05 Aug 2004

wak .. no i cant print from notepad .. it wont print from any files or documents only things i want printing off the internet
woodchip .. my pc came with xp ready installed so i dont have any disc to put in

  Wak 11:02 06 Aug 2004

If you can't print from any programs or files (other than the internet) then it sounds like the printer driver problem as suggested by Woodchip.
Have you tried the HP web site for another driver???

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