Printer Problem

  Hetti 17:52 17 Jun 2004

Every time I need to use my printer I get "the printer is not connected check lead and connetion". The printer is always connected properly but if I switch of at the wall socket it usually works when I retry printing, however this time it will not work at all (still getting the above message). The power light is blinking and that is supposed to mean "printer is warming up or receveing data plase wait",but It just stays like that.

I run win ME, Sharp AJ1805 printer.

Any ideas?

  the pie eater 18:02 17 Jun 2004

What printer do you have? how old is it? have you checked all the ink levels,check the wiring to the power you my have a loose conection to the plug.

  Fruit Bat 18:10 17 Jun 2004

Parrallel or USB connection?

  Hetti 21:27 17 Jun 2004

I have USB,Sharp 1805 and it is 2yrs old,ink levels ok wiring ok and plug is ok

  [email protected] 21:34 17 Jun 2004

You could try de/re installing the drivers. Has it worked properly before? If not, I would suggest uninstalling all relevant software, reboot then start installing from scratch again.

  Fruit Bat 21:50 17 Jun 2004

Control panel > system > hardware > device manager

check if printer or usb devices show yellow exclamation mark.

If so do as [email protected] suggests

repost here if no better.

  Terry Brown 21:54 17 Jun 2004

Have you checked the device drivers (Shortcut--Press windows Key & Break key Together) go to hardware, device manager,Coms, printer. If it has a yellow mark: delete; otherwise un-install .Re-start you system and it should re-install itself from the software still located on your hard drive

  Hetti 14:08 19 Jun 2004

Sorry I'm slow in replying all,
I have looked in device manager and the printer is not shown there, no exclaimation marks. But the printer is shown in the conrol panal as "PRINTERS" do I still uninstall then reinstall?

  Terry Brown 15:44 20 Jun 2004

It looks as if the software did not set up properly. Ensure you have power to the printer (operating lights on), un-install from printers on the control panel and re-install. You may have to put the original CD back in the drive.Hope this helps

  wee eddie 18:48 20 Jun 2004

Switching On and Off.

I know it shouldn't matter much, but it can screw up the drivers.

It does not help to use the Mains as an On/Off switch, best to use the printer's switch.

Turn On, after Windows is fully loaded.

Oddly enough, so long as I use the On/Off switch I have not found that it makes any difference if my printer is turned off before or after the PC.

Mind you, I am using a Canon. The Sharp will be different.

  SantasLittleHelper 19:07 20 Jun 2004

Try uninstalling drivers as suggested using Control Panel, Uninstall utility, switch printer off, re-boot computer, re-install drivers then switch printer on, it should show "Found new hardware" and locate drivers. If it still can't find the drivers put Cd in drive and go to browse in the dialogue box, point it to the relevant drivers, i.e. Windows98, ME,or XP(you didn't state which operating system). If no luck, come back again.

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