printer prints documents backwards

  kev_t1982 14:54 17 Jul 2006

Hi, i am connected to a HP office 6110 all in one printer through a wireless network. To my continued annoyance this has started to print all my documents backwards making it look like ive achieved a sudden grasp of the russian language.

When i view the document in 'print preview' it is fine, and when i print from another computer on the network it is fine, which suggests its a setting on my laptop. But what? Any ideas?


  Chris147 16:05 17 Jul 2006

Hi Kev.

You need to delete the printer driver from your laptop and reinstall it.

That should fix it.



  Gongoozler 16:09 17 Jul 2006

You may well have an option to print in "Mirror Image" mode. My Epson R220 has.

  silverous 21:02 17 Jul 2006

Many HP printers have an option to "start printing from last page" or "print back to front" can you see these in your printer settings/preferences?

  phono 22:05 17 Jul 2006

I believe kev_t1982 means that the actual fonts are printed back to front as opposed to the entire document being printed ib reverse order, whereby in the latter case the last page is printed first, then the penultimate page and so on, until the document is fully printed.

In other words, "his letters are all back to front".

  phono 22:25 17 Jul 2006

Just to clarify, as last post could be confusing, "his letters", as in letters of the alphabet, are printed back to front.

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