Printer prints alternating grey lines of text...

  00edgarj 16:36 14 Nov 2003

My HP DeskJet 990cxi printer (approx 18mths - 2 yrs old) has recently started to print lines of text in very dark grey. In a solid block of text, you can see that alternate lines are grey / black / grey / black etc all the way down the page.

I first tried cleaning the print heads (with the software clean and then manually cleaning the nozzles and contacts of the cartridge with a cotton wool bud) but to no avail.

I have also tried replacing the print cartridge - again no effect. I have emailed HP support once with this query but received a fairly bog-standard reply of diagnostics to try - they did specifically mention alternate grey / black lines so it must be a recognised problem, as I said the diagnostic page showed up no porblems. As I recently reformatted the HDD and reinstalled WinXP Pro, I have also reinstalled the HP Printer Driver. I am currently running it on the WInXP Driver as opposed to the latest HP Driver (it is another 15Mb Download I have not got around to yet) but we were running this driver before the re-build and the problem was still the same.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem with an HP Printer (or other manufacturer) or have any other ideas? If this is a physical hardware fault as HP suggested tehn I am disappointed it has occured this early as I have had very good experiences of HP Products in the past, and often recommend them to others.

Any ideas?



  wee eddie 23:40 15 Nov 2003

Check your document formating.

I know that on various types of Table you can set up to print alternating lines in different colours.

Maybe something like that has occurred.

  Spencus 11:23 16 Nov 2003

establish where the fault may be,connect printer to a friends Pc,or some Pc dealers have a no fault no charge policy

  wee eddie 16:19 16 Nov 2003

I cannot get my mind around a mechanical reason for this problem!

  Wak 18:41 16 Nov 2003

Is your printer using only a black cartridge or do you also have a colour cartridge.??
What result do you get when printing a black and white picture or a full colour picture??

  00edgarj 20:46 18 Nov 2003

HP Have emailed me a file which 'fixes' the problem - they didn;t say what it was exactly, but at the end it then downloaded the new driver (again) - this did not work on it's own though

Anyway - everything seems fine now.

Thanks everyone for your help,


  Wak 16:24 20 Nov 2003

In case this problem arises again or if anyone else gets a similar problem, I've just read in a trouble-shooting guide that the alternate black/grey lines can occur when the printer is printing faster than the computer can transfer the required information to the printer.
It would therefore sound as if the Spool settings or the "print direct to printer" setting should be looked at or at least considered.
Hope this helps someone, sometime.

  00edgarj 22:14 23 Nov 2003

Thanks - this is a good point as reinstalling a new driver would have reset the spool settings anyway! I might have been able to avoid the 15mb download (will be ok when I get bb!)

Thanks Wak, and everyone else,


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