printer is printing gobbledy-gook

  jules123 14:23 17 Mar 2005

please help, for some reason my printer has stopped printing what I send it and is printing pages and pages of symbols instead, i do not know much about housekeeping with computers could somebody give me an idiots guide as to what the problem could be and how to fix it. I desperately need to send off my cv. thanks

  Yoda Knight 14:34 17 Mar 2005

delete your printer from your pc and re-install it - that normally solves my problem :)

  Peter 14:44 17 Mar 2005


Sounds like the wrong printer driver is selected as the default printer. Check in the printers window (Start, Settings, Printers) and see if the correct printer driver is set as the default one. If it isn't, right click on the correct one and select the "Set as default" option. If it is then use the advice provided above by Yoda Knight.


  dewskit 14:55 17 Mar 2005

I find switching off (and if necessary isolating it from the mains by removing the plug) often helps. Sometimes find with lasers that the printer gets some garbage in, and cannot get itself out of it!

  Halmer 15:07 17 Mar 2005

Turn it off at the mains and leave it for an hour or so.

  Chegs ® 15:53 17 Mar 2005

Happens with my HP,as above or occasionally little printer icon appears in systray.Double click and select Delete/Cancel from the "Print Jobs" lists

  chub_tor 16:06 17 Mar 2005

This often happens if you choose to print a page and then realise that you have forgotten to switch the printer on. If you do switch it on once the printer has started its spooling and printing routine it prints out pages and pages of symbols. Happens with most printers. Stop the printer, cancel or purge any selected print jobs, switch the printer off if you think it necessary and start all over again. This rarely happens if the printer is switched on or is in standby mode before you select print.

  lotvic 22:52 17 Mar 2005

When this happens to me the first thing I do is take the paper out, so the printer is out of paper and has to stop printing. Then I cancel print job.. in above posts.

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