printer for printing onto card

  stourry 17:41 22 Jan 2005

run win xp pro and have an epson c42ux printer which does not like to print onto card card sticks in rollers
looking for similar type printer which will print onto card okay can you help
thanks in advance

  Jeffers22 17:46 22 Jan 2005

How thick is the card?

If you look at the manufacturers web sites, part of the printer spec is the weight of paper it can comfortably take. Anything over 90 grams per square metre could be considered card.

  Diemmess 17:59 22 Jan 2005

There are printers now which will print on CDs.
This must mean a flat path right through unless the blank goes in and out thru the same hole!

I have no idea which these printers are, but the ordinary ones such as I have make heavy weather of anything approaching 200grams.

  Djohn 18:02 22 Jan 2005

Most printers should be able to handle card or paper over 90grams. I used to have an Epson 600 and that had two settings, one for paper up to 80-90 grams, the second setting for anything above this weight.

Currently using a Canon i850, this also has two settings for paper/card. Look for a printer that has a straight feed such as the Canon/Epson rather than HP that uses a U type feed for the paper.

  stourry 18:05 22 Jan 2005

i dont know card weight but will find out.
advice about epsom and canon good as i prefer these types
all best

  Diemmess 18:09 22 Jan 2005

Too late, but a quick search with google - click here

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