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Printer to PC connection problem

  doncam 19:15 19 Apr 2019

I am trying to do a wireless connection from my Pc to a new printer. Under "add devices " I am asked for the WPS PIN of my printer . Where can I find this ...I have searched every page of the supplied info WPS PIN

  john bunyan 21:14 19 Apr 2019

I think it is the other way round. You put your router WAP code into the printer. Read the manual how to do that.

  x13 22:22 19 Apr 2019

Depending what printer you use then when you try to connect to the printer on the PC, and asks for the PIN, look at the printer's display. It should display the PIN number briefly.

  lotvic 23:41 19 Apr 2019

What is WPS Pin? from ClickHere
scroll down the page to Message 6 of 7 and 7 of 7

There are two ways to connect the printer wirelessly: either connect the printer to the router and connect that way, or a direct connection from the PC to the printer using direct connect. The first method needs the WPS PIN from the router, the latter needs the WPS PIN displayed on the printer.

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