Printer: On or OFF

  ened 08:14 26 Feb 2008

I turn my computer on at about six most mornings and tend to use the printer sporadically throughout the day.

I have been meaning to ask this for some time.

It is an inkjet.

Is it better to turn it on and leave it on or should it be turned off and on everytime I want to print something?

  Gongoozler 08:29 26 Feb 2008

Every time you switch your inkjet on it goes through a head cleaning cycle which wastes ink.
The specification for my Epson R220 says that in standby mode it uses 3 Watts, so in 8 hours it uses 25WH, or 1/40 of a unit of electricity - approximately 1/4 of a penny. I think it's best to leave the printer on while the computer is on. That way the head gets cleaned once a day.

  jack 08:41 26 Feb 2008

All my kit is on one master switch- at switch on it is all on and stays on during the day- during this time I may be away from the machine for some hours. the printers may not be used that day even- when I am away the machine/system goes into power saving mode.

Some folk say never turn a printer off- ever
Not so sure about that one.

  Technotiger 08:47 26 Feb 2008

My printer, Epson R360 is normally Off - I only switch it on when I want to use it, however, once switched on it stays on until I finally close-down at night. Some days it does not get used at all, so it stays Off.

  The Old Mod 08:51 26 Feb 2008

I do exactly as Technotiger, never had a problem. Printers are Epson 895 & R200

  interzone55 09:05 26 Feb 2008

My printer is left on 24/7. It's not been switch off since I bought it in December, the one before that was switch on for 3 years with no trouble until on of the colour heads failed.

In standby my current printer uses less than 1w so I can't see it bankrupting me any time soon. Peak power use on my printer is about 25w, that's on a head clean cycle - ie every time I turn it on, so that's a days worth of standby power used just turning it on.

  chub_tor 09:52 26 Feb 2008

I'm a standby man too, the only time that my printer is turned off is if I am moving stuff around in the study. I have a Canon i865 which automatically goes into standby and I have never had a problem with it coming out of standby when I send a print request.

  [email protected] 11:04 26 Feb 2008

I think it depends on how often you use it. Everyday - leave it on. Once a month leave it off, but beware...
HP cartridges have their own print heads - Epson do not. Leave an Epson off for too long and the heads get really blocked but this doesn't seem to be such a problem with the HP (I have both).
You can leave your Epson on to save the cleaning ink operation - but - you must print something every so often, once a week for me, or you end up using more ink to clean the dry heads.
Somewhere along the line you just have to bite the bullet. If you want results you have to use ink and it's expensive. Better to use it wisely than for head cleaning :-)

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