Printer not recognised by computer

  lisawe 10:28 01 Feb 2003

I have a Lexmark Z25 computer and Windows XP. The printer is properly connected, but cannot be detected by the computer. The printer is compatable with XP. I tried installing via the disk that comes with the printer, and via the Control Panel (Add Hardware, Printers and Faxes, etc.) I even downloaded the latest XP printer driver but no luck. Any ideas?

  lisawe 10:30 01 Feb 2003

I have a digital camera which needs to be connected to the same USB port. In the past I had no trouble with it, but now the computer doesn't detect the camera either.

  shifty 15:46 01 Feb 2003

Have you tried a system restore taking you back to before you installed the printer, or uninstalling the printer? You may need to update your USB drivers and then check if your camera will be recognised. How many USB ports has your system got? A friend of mine had to install a USB hub to provide extra ports to allow use of multiple devices after experiencing problems with installing a second device.

  lisawe 16:49 01 Feb 2003

I tried to use System Restore. If I understand correctly, I am trying to get the computer to an earlier date when everything was working. When I try to do it, I am unable to move the calender to the previous month. I don't know how many USB ports I have. I looked on the Device Manager, and found "Univeral Serial Bus Controllers" and two branches off that: "SiS 7001 PCI to USB open host controller". Hope this all means something to you!

  Legolas 18:37 01 Feb 2003

System restore only makes a certain number of restore points normally going back days rather than weeks, it makes new restore points at regular intervals and the earliest one is then dropped. Have you checked that your USB ports are being recognized.

  Legolas 18:42 01 Feb 2003

I have just checked my Restore Points and the latest is today and the earliest is Jan25. I clicked the small arrow at the top left of the calendar window to get back to last month.

  flecc 18:56 01 Feb 2003

Usually unplugging and replugging the USB lead triggers the first recognition Window. This can be boosted by switching off the printer, unplugging the USB lead and rebooting your computer.

Then switch on the computer and finally plug in the USB connector.

Failing that, try the Add New Hardware wizard in the Control Panel to enforce recognition. By varying the options at each page, you'll find the stream that makes Windows look at printers and your installation CD whether it likes it or not. I've just had exactly this experience in several OS's on my new computer and following these options has finlly brought success.

It can be very frustrating, but if you keep cool and if necessary return to it another day as I did, you will succeed and will really feel the sense of achievement that results.

regards, flecc

  Legolas 19:08 01 Feb 2003

I agree flecc I had trouble installing my Epsom c42 USB printer and as you say I had to unplug and then re-connect the USB cable for the printer ports to be recognized then I had to select the USB port as the port to install the printer to, and very good advice about leaving a problem for a while and then going back to it, this has worked for me in more than one occasion although it takes all my will power to do it. Dog with a bone springs to mind.

  dunc1234 19:09 01 Feb 2003

try going into the printer folder and deleting the (or all)printer,shutdown the pc and restart it, and then plug in the usb. if all goes well xp should detect and install the printer, if not chances are that your usb cable is duff,also you should have 2 usb ports on the pc, try the other port

  lisawe 09:06 02 Feb 2003

1) System Restore- I'm guessing that any dates previous to Feb 1 have been "dropped", but for this to succeed I really need to go back about a month.
2)I tried to delete printer and drivers, then do the shut down and reboot thing- no luck so far. I will keep trying with that one, and as you suggested, leave it for a day or so before I go insane!
3) The USB ports are recognised by the computer. The lead only fits into one of them. I don't think it's duff; I've already taken one back and replaced it, and I can't be that unlucky!

  lisawe 12:03 02 Feb 2003

I have just discovered by a fluke that I have not uninstalled my old printer driver completely. Apparently I am missing a file needed to uninstall it, but the driver doesn't appear in the list of printer drivers. Any thoughts?

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