Printer is not printing straight lines

  User-DACAA4B6-2071-4134-8A1E49BBB8414030 14:58 10 Feb 2005

Lately when printing my printer has been printing
lines crookedly.
I have done the troubleshooting on my Epson E62 but it still does it?

  Diemmess 15:13 10 Feb 2005

If the printer is less than a year old, don't delay, phone their helpline or tech support, they should arrange for a home visit, to repair or replace it their option.

If it is out of warranty then I fear you may be in trouble beause it sounds like a hardware fault, and not something you can easily clear with head cleaning or cartidge swapping.

  JonnyTub 15:17 10 Feb 2005

Do you not have an option to manually align the print head ?

  €dstowe 15:30 10 Feb 2005

How do you mean "crookedly"?

Are the lines skew on the paper such that they are at an angle to the sides? If so, this is an error in your paper being guided through the printer caused either by the guide bars either side of the paper feeder not being snug to the paper or to the feed rollers not gripping the paper properly when dagging the paper into the printer. If the feed rollers are not gripping, roughen the surface of them with the eraser end of an ordinary pencil. If the guides are not correctly positioned, then make them so.

It prints sentences and it looks likes it on sea waves up and down like thatalso straight lines are wavey

  [email protected] 15:47 10 Feb 2005

Last time someone came to me with this problem, it was sorted by carefully cleaning the rubber rollers of the paper feed. This was not easy and some careful ingenuity had to be applied. Cleaning was done with a soft cloth dampened with neat washing up liquid [turn a bit, clean a bit, turn a bit etc etc]. It was a Canon BJ but I reckon the principle is the same - all the rollers must grip with the same pressure and turn at the same time. It only needs one not to perform like the others and the paper is instantly out of alignment. If you are not good with your hands best trust it [if it is this causing the problem] to someone who his. Good luck.

Thanks will try and let you know how I get on.

  [email protected] 15:51 10 Feb 2005

Ahhh - if the wavey lines are regular then it sounds like one end [side] of the mechanism is loose. When its switched off give each end of whatever you can get hold of, a slight push/pull and see if you can detect lateral play. May be the answer.

Just dicovered I think it only happens when I print on MS Excel

  Diemmess 16:00 10 Feb 2005

That is weird! Have you tried the automatic windows test sheet?

Do I do this thru the control panel etc?

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