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Printer not printing on glossy paper

  Conny 09:38 19 Feb 2015

I have an Epson XP 215 Photo Printer/Copier/Scanner. Although it prints on standard non-glossy paper, when it comes to trying to print a photo it just feeds the gloss paper straight through. I have set the preference to various gloss papers but no change. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem may be please? PS, I put a sheet of glossy in backwards and it printed on that side.

  johndrew 10:49 19 Feb 2015

There is an Epson help page but how good it is I'm unsure.

I am aware that some paper in incompatible with Epson (and other) printers; is it Epson (compatible) paper?

Have you set the paper tensioner lever correctly?

Have you ensured the software/drivers are installed correctly to recognise photo paper?

  Conny 20:32 20 Feb 2015

Thanks John. Paper is Kodak Photo paper, so not a cheap one. Not sure if it has a paper tensioner. For some strange reason it seems to be behaving itself today. Thanks again for your reply.

  johndrew 10:00 24 Feb 2015

Sorry not to have responded before. I'm glad the problem appears to be resolved. It could still have been the Kodak paper that was causing it, Epson only recommend their own paper (but they would anyway).

I don't know if you have updated all your drivers, but there is a new network package (and maybe others) issued this month; could resolve the odd problem.

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