Printer not printing DCP-195C

  diesel1948 00:24 26 Nov 2012

Problem with printer brother multi-function.When I click print it goes through the motions as though its printing but comes out blank. Re-installed it but still same.Running windows 7. Full of ink and set as default. Last thing I tried to print was this, Hi Dave, Hope you and family are well, we are all fine. Going to the reef on the12th December to see Samantha. Anastasia and Terry (daughters) will be there with their partners and children. May get chance to see your dad, we return on Christmas eve. Could you do me a favour Dave, send me your address, Martins and Jane's also her married name, it has slipped my mind, senility. Look after yourself and I will speak to you soon. Terry. Reply The last word Reply was in blue and its the only word that it printed anyone got any ideas what is wrong? Regards diesel48

  lotvic 00:52 26 Nov 2012

Is this a received email? Is it webmail or client on pc? Does printer print normally otherwise - word docs etc from your files.

Have you tried: reset printer as your default printer. (unselect it and then reselect)

Are you able to preview email before you print?

  diesel1948 22:04 26 Nov 2012

No it wont print anything it used to but did not use it for a while then but some fresh ink in it and not worked since. It sounds like it is printing then just comes out blank, all inks are showing full. I tried the unselect and reselect but just the same.Just discovered that it prints in colour but not black pulled black cartridge out and ink all over show. Put new one in and it still would not print black.

  diesel1948 01:53 27 Nov 2012

I have sorted it thanks lotvic, uninstalled it re-installed it cleaned all the heads and its working again thanks for your help.

  spuds 10:23 27 Nov 2012

You haven't mentioned if you are using compatible cartridges?.

I have a Brother DCP 135C printer, which works extremely well on compatibles, so possibly this is a thing that you might need to look into further, especially if you are starting to have leakages?.

Would perhaps mention, that the 'working' sound might be the printer doing a 'cleaning cycle', especially if the printer hasn't been used for a day or more!.

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