Printer missing bottom of pages

  Trikie 23:52 24 Sep 2005

I'm having problems printing one particular 3 page document - the printer leaves the bottom third of each page blank. No problem with any other documents so I assume its something in the document.

Its in Wordpad rtf. I scanned several other printed A5 pages into separate files and then copied each one into the A4 Wordpad. I have standardised them into one font type and size.

Print Preview displays the pages in full.

I'm using an Epson Stylus Photo 890 with XP Home and SP1

  woodchip 23:56 24 Sep 2005

Click File in Wordpad and check Page setup for Margins

  woodchip 23:58 24 Sep 2005

Also before you print check print preview

  Fellsider 00:02 25 Sep 2005

Is the printer set to 'A4'?, may be set to 'Letter' which is a different size 10" as opposedto 12"

  Trikie 00:05 25 Sep 2005

Thanks both.

Margins are OK and Print Preview displays the whole of each page.

Printer is set to A4 Portrait, max printing are.

Since posting the query it's doing the same with another document.

  Trikie 00:06 25 Sep 2005

Typo -should be printing area.

  keith-236785 00:13 25 Sep 2005

check if you have any page breaks inserted on the word document, they might not show on preview (though they should) but worth checking, have you by any chance caught or moved the switch on your printer (physical switch, not software) that alters between paper and envelopes?

is it the standard word pad or some other add on version.

  Trikie 21:56 25 Sep 2005

Thanks Paperman. Standard Wordpad and "no" to your other suggestions.

Some time ago I thought the printer hsd died and bought an Epson R200 and then found the problem was a faulty USB hub so the R200 sat in its box ready for when 890 really gave up.

I've connected R200 and it prints the problem documents perfectly so perhaps the time has come to bin 890.

Thanks everyone for your ideas.

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