Printer issue update.

  fedex1969 13:32 03 Mar 2012

Having tried Ians' approach to solving my printer problem,(see previous post), I have had no joy. PC still not recognising HP printer. I know the printer works perfectly and PC in question WILL recognise other harware plugged in. i.e; cameras, external HDD etc. PLEASE HELP!!!

  Woolwell 14:38 03 Mar 2012

Previous thread

You should have added to that thread instead of starting a new one as it contains the important information eg printer model, os, etc

Uninstall the HP software on the wife's pc and start again. It is absolutely vital that you work in the right order. It is usual to install the software first and then when prompted to switch on the printer and then connect. Instead of using the cd provided you could try going to the HP site and downloading the latest versions. Try a different USB port too.

In the meantime you seem to have 2 printers. Are your PC's networked? If so you could share the printer.

  Diemmess 15:17 03 Mar 2012

You seem to have tried every whichway installing the printer foloowing step by step prompts and so on.

BUT when you tried the printer on another computer did you take the USB cable with the printer or did you use a cable already on the other PC.

The cable may not be at fault, but its integrity is worth checking.

  fedex1969 16:31 03 Mar 2012

I don't know how it happened. Trying to reinstall driver ect. the printer only bloody works now. I didn't do anything differently. Just one of those things, I suppose. Technology, eh? Oh, now MY printer has run out of black!! Thanks for the advice.

  Woolwell 16:41 03 Mar 2012

PC was switched off and rebooted in between?

  fedex1969 16:49 03 Mar 2012

No. I switched usb cable with my computer and it worked. My printer still works, too. So it can't have been the cable. Must be good fortune.

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