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  [DELETED] 20:00 14 Aug 2003

Hi, I have installed a Samsung ML1510 Laser Printer which is working fine. However, each time I restart my computer, the 'found new hardware' window comes up and tries to install it again. I cancel this, and it tells me there may be a problen using the printer as it has not been installed correctly. But it has, and it works! How can I stop this happening?

  [DELETED] 20:13 14 Aug 2003

You neeed to obtain an updated driver. Try the Samsung home page support. If not another Windows XP compatible driver mat suffice.

  [DELETED] 20:14 14 Aug 2003

From the Samsung support pages -


Printer driver information has not been input or was deleted.

From Windows 2000, printing is carried out, but 'New Hardware Detected' message

Appears every time the PC is booted up.

From PC's device manager, disk drive option has the DMA item checked


1. Re-install the printer driver.

2. From the 'New Hardware Detected' screen -> Next -> Next -> OK -> The option item displays 'Do not install this device' and 'Device not used' -> Select 'Device
-> not used' -> Click OK -> 'New Hardware Detected' message should no longer appear during system boot-up.

3. Go to -> Start Setup -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager
Disk Drive Unselect the DMA item from the GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE01
configuration option Reboot the PC"

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