printer inks

  ajs160n 12:04 06 Feb 2010

Am I on my own in thinking that the price charged for genuine inks is absolutely diabolical. The Epson "Cheetah" inks I use can cost over £40 if you are barmy enough to pay that amount and the cheapest at the moment seem's to be around £28. Even when bought at the lower price the amount of output is nowhere near what the maker claims. What a rip off!

  Strawballs 12:27 06 Feb 2010

You could try compatible ones
click here
click here

  northumbria61 12:46 06 Feb 2010

I agree with Strawballs - compatibles are every bit as good and a LOT cheaper - try this one with FREE delivery. (Have used this supplier for a LONG time now - very prompt!)

click here

  northumbria61 12:51 06 Feb 2010

click here

Epson "Cheetah" multi-packs

  jack 13:20 06 Feb 2010

the the many many suppliers mentiomed
Choice Stationery among the most popular.
But having made you purchase ans saved lots, how about saving even more?
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Also see my
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  palinka 11:16 07 Feb 2010

I agree with others - never buy "genuine" inks - I always buy compatibles . Buy from whoever is offering the best deal at the time (inc cost of p&p) . So for my Canon I've bought at;; and
All equally good and quick service.
I've also had some genuine ink cartridges refilled at Cartridge world which has a shop near me. Equally good, but more expensive than the compatibles (tho cheaper than genuines)

  Ashrein 14:54 08 Feb 2010

Have you tried click here they are very good value, enter the promo code XXX25 in the promo box and your price will immediately halve on virtually IJT inkjets.

  gardener 16:37 08 Feb 2010

It's almost becoming more economical to throw the printer out and buy a new one when the inks run out.

  NJ4959 16:56 08 Feb 2010

You're definately not on your own thinking the price of genuine inks is diabolical. To replace all five inks in my Canon printer using Canon originals would cost £92 - the printer only cost £70 (with the inks).

I have mine refilled at Cartridge World at a cost of £6 each and they work fine.

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