printer ink warnings

  pinnicat 08:47 04 May 2004

After regular use of branded ink cartridges, with which i would rather carry on printing, i tried an experiment on continued printing after the "Low ink warnings" appeared. On the 20% warning i managed to print a further 9 pages of "WEB PAGE" size documents. And on "Cartridge empty" another 11 pages. And it's still printing at high quality.
This was just the black cartridge and in this case obviously the smaller of the two in volume.
Hope this saves a few of you a quid, because what they say is empty....IS NOT.
regards. MIK

  bamfiesler 08:54 04 May 2004


That monitoring carry-on is a lot af nonsense; youy are quite right to keep going.


  Agent Smith 09:03 04 May 2004

Similarly for laser printers. Take out the process unit and shake gently from side to side to redistribute the toner in the hopper.

  golfpro 09:05 04 May 2004

Ah now here's a thing, I have a Canon S750, when any of the cartridges run out of ink ( according to the printer) I will get a pop up on the screen detailing this and can not carry on printing. Whats more is when you press the OK tab at the bottom of the message it does not clear, just stays there in the middle of the screen. The only way to clear it is to switch off the computer, even replacing the cartridge will not clear it.

  jack 09:52 04 May 2004

Those of you that would prefer to stick to 'orig' cartridges rather then risk anything, there is a way of 'refilling them with 'original ink'.
Keep the 'empties' and buy a 'refill kit'
[syinges and bungs] When you have goodly stock of 'empty'[but not quite] carts pierce them one by one/col by colour and extract the ink that is not there with the syringe and top up a cart.
Its so easy, messy may be at first but easy

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