Printer ink flush

  pittza 12:55 18 Oct 2008

Does anyone know what printer ink flush is made of and what is the best way to use it? I have just refilled my HP colour cartridge but it is blocked up.

  peter99co 19:21 18 Oct 2008
  pittza 10:14 19 Oct 2008

thanks peter!

  Taff™ 10:27 19 Oct 2008

This usually works for me with HP cartridges - In a small shallow dish put about quarter of an inch of warm water. Stand the cartridge in the water and leave for several minutes. Stand the cartridge on a folded piece of kitchen towel for a few minutes to dry. You should see a small amount of each colour on the towel. Now do a full nozzle clean via the maintenance routine. Repeat the soak clean if necessary.

If you look at the nozzles on the base of the cartridge and can see a build up of ink you may need to use a lint free cloth and gently wipe the residue away. (A small amount of Isopropanol diluted 50% with water will assist this process)

  pittza 10:52 19 Oct 2008

thanks for the tip Taff but what is Isopropanol ?

  chub_tor 11:10 19 Oct 2008

click here obtainable from most branches of Boots - but you have to ask at the counter.

  Taff™ 12:10 19 Oct 2008

It`s also very expensive. You also find it in those kits for cleaning CD`s as a spray already diluted. Try Poundland. I have a good local printer that I use for commercial printing and they buy isopropanol in bulk for diluting and cleaning their machines - he lets me have a medicine bottle full every so often which can last ages.

  sunny staines 13:08 19 Oct 2008

set printer to clean heads a fews times that should work

  jack 16:08 19 Oct 2008

Also found in Window Cleaner or moist tissues or at a pinch use a tissue soaked in Vodka -[But not Malt -much too good for that ;-}

Thermal printer carts[HP/Canon'Lexmark and the clones] have a 'head life'- insofar that each jet has a built in heater that boils the ink to steam to puff out the droplet.
These do burn our randomly after prolonged use
Thus you will see little 'whites' appearing as each jet fails.

  Taff™ 07:39 20 Oct 2008

Do not under any circumstances use Window Cleaner or moist tissues or indeed any other domestic cleaning product even if it contains isopropanol. The other ingredients are more than likely to ruin the printer heads. You need pure isopropanol diluted with water if necessary. (Distilled water preferably)

  Poitier 14:44 20 Oct 2008

Isopropanol is isopropyl alcohol.Contains one more carbon atom than ethyl alcohol.Methanol is methyl alcohol but has some additives to make it unpalatable.

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