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  eja1950 22:02 19 Aug 2004

Which printer manufacturer has the easiest to refill ink cartridges? I have tried the Lexmark Z53 but it always seems to fail, I have tried to fill before it was completely empty still no good.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:17 19 Aug 2004

This might not answer your question(probably cos I don't know the answer)but I had a Lexmark Z65 and could only re-fill the colour cart about 3 times before it was no good. I tried re-filling the black one but no-go. I was told that you had to have it done proffessionally(?)by my pc store. I replaced the printer with a Cannon450i, and use compatable ink cartridges from Morrisons at a cost of £2.99 for black and £3.49 for colour. The printer cost £99.00 from Argos. Taking into account the cartridges for the Lexmark cost £24.99 & £29.99 from pc world. I recon I've saved tons....TT

  kspatto 23:16 19 Aug 2004

buy a cannon or epson printer and use compatible inks they are dirt cheap and not messy

try this link click here

gets good reviews

you could also try using originals they are cheaper for these types as the print head is not part of the ink cartridge


  pj123 23:40 19 Aug 2004

Lexmark printers have always been the most difficult and costly printers for replacement ink cartridges (that may be one of the reasons why they are so cheap). At one point you could actually buy a new Lexmark printer cheaper than replacing the ink. Not many compatible ink cartridge manufacturers support Lexmark. You can get refill kits from £9.95 from here though. click here

They are local to me and when I was into refilling I bought from them quite regularly. I don't refill anymore - too messy.

The alternative is as kspatto advises and buy an Epson or Canon printer.

  spuds 00:00 20 Aug 2004

I use to refill inkjet cartridges, but in the end it became a real pain,so I tranfered to compatibles. Lexmark are a good printer, but can be very heavy and costly on ink usage. The cheaper cartridges are Epson, especially if you buy triple pack compatibles.

These links are worth a look for refilling info click here click here

  Wak 09:18 20 Aug 2004

I have a Lexmark X75 and so far have refilled the black cartridge 5 times and the colour cartridge about 8 times using the Ink-tec kits from Choicestationery.
These kits have excellent tools and instructions.
If you have to replace a cartridge occasionally then you can buy the cheaper cartridges marked for "moderate use". This simply means that they do not contain the full amount of ink but they will refill properly nevertheless.
I believe that refilling cartridges is a personal thing. Some people can repair car engines or computers or thread a needle and some can't. Likewise, some people can refill cartridges cleanly and efficiently and others can't.
If you can, count your blessings (and your money)and do it.

  colm21 15:36 27 Apr 2011

Canon is the by far the easiest to refill, I actually buy remanufactured cartridges from link text

  spuds 17:27 27 Apr 2011


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  961 17:41 27 Apr 2011


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  catpwss 19:17 27 Apr 2011

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