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  cadena 17:50 22 Oct 2005

I have a Lexmark X5150 All-in-one and I was ill for quite a while so did not get to use it.So no when I use it the end of the paper is smudged. I need to get it sorted before I can print my projects, I have already used the maintenance but its no difference. I am in two minds to get another printer just to use for good quality print outs, including photographs, any suggestions is welcomed......

  Diversion 18:31 22 Oct 2005

I have just bought the Epson CX6600 complete with memory card reader + memory stick reader. The smart scan feature is brilliant and the printouts are excellent either photocopied or printing from a file, and doing an enlargement of a photograph is as good as the original. I would highly recommend this as a replacement. I had a Lexmark myself before getting the Epson CX6600, I was worried in case the print quality was not up to the standard that I need for photographic work but the quality is excellent. And as the Epson range has individual cartridges, so you only replace the colours that have run out unlike the Lexmark when I had to replace the all-in-one cartridge just because the magenta had run out.


  cadena 18:49 22 Oct 2005

I think I will search for the cheapest, if its possible, how much are the cartridges, that is if you have bought one yet?

  Diversion 19:04 22 Oct 2005

The cheapest originals including paper click here

For compatables that suffer with colour matchclick here

  cadena 19:06 22 Oct 2005

Thanks for the input but I cant seem to find one, is your Printer new?

  Diversion 19:18 22 Oct 2005

Yes mine is about 6 weeks old. click here

  cadena 19:36 22 Oct 2005

Thank you for your help... :)

  spuds 20:41 22 Oct 2005

I have a Lexmark X5150, and had a similar smudging problem. Found that it was a leaking printer cartridge. Check the cartridges and the inside of the printer [Isolate any electrics].Soft tissue will soon show if any leaks have occurred in or around the printer or cartridge.

Regarding the Epson,there are plenty of CX3600 and CX3650[PCW] on the second hand market, so perhaps a bad indication of this model.

  cadena 20:47 22 Oct 2005

perhaps your right, we all have our favourites, its like a car, you have the same model for a few years and just a wee bit apprehensive at going for a different make. Will try the cleaning and hope it works, as I cant afford to buy a new one at the moment, thanks..

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