printer head cleaning

  GBL 11:30 24 Jan 2008

I have a Canon i850 which stopped to print in black, I posted this a few days ago and since then hve removed the print head washed it, dried it, cleaned it with a printer flush. If I put a small amount onto the pad at the top the colour ones soaked through to the paper towel that I have placed under the head, but not the black ink pad. Does that mean that the head is no good??

  woodchip 11:37 24 Jan 2008

unless you can force some cleaner through from the top with a syringe

  GBL 11:50 24 Jan 2008

Do you mean pierce the pad with the syringe? or perhaps I could try a gentle air pressure, nothing to lose eh.

  ambra4 12:06 24 Jan 2008

Have you try the printer maintenance program to clean the head

Setting-Printer And Faxes-Right click on printer- Properties

  GBL 12:11 24 Jan 2008

Done all that several times with no change.

  ambra4 12:16 24 Jan 2008

You need to replace the cartridge

  GBL 12:19 24 Jan 2008

No have tried three new cartridges and it still doesn't print black just the colours.

  Fingees 12:19 24 Jan 2008

You can try standing the head in a saucer of boiling water for a few minutes.

This sometimes clears a blocked head.

  GBL 12:40 24 Jan 2008

I have it on a damp kitchen towel with water in the top part and it keeps weeping black so maybe time will tell. Bit reluctant to spend over £40 on a new head when that sort of brass will buy a new printer, not given up yet. Thanks to all.

  jellyhead 18:20 24 Jan 2008

I managed to clean the print head on my canon i865 by soaking it in 100% ethyl alcohol for 24 hrs and using a syringe force some clean alcohol through the printhead.It was well and truely blocked and decided I had nothing to loose. It worked so replaced the cartridges with new ones and it has been fine since.

  David4637 13:56 25 Jan 2008

jellyhead- soaking it in 100% ethyl alcohol for 24 hrs and using a syringe force some clean alcohol through the printhead.

1. What / where did you buy the ethyl alcohol, is there a trade name for it?

2. Did you try and push the liquid in a syringe on the print head side rather than the cartridge side. On my canon printer (s630) the ink jet holes are very small you would not be able to squirt the liquid down each of the holes - please say what you did?
Thanks David

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