Printer has stopped working..

  SB23 09:27 19 Feb 2006

My Lexmark Z65 printer has stopped working.
It started on Friday when my wife asked me to have a look at it, as it was printing diagonally across the page.Nothing I did made a difference, so I tried changing the settings, for it to feed from the rear tray. This worked for a while, but now the pc cannot communicate with it. I've checked all leads, reinstalled drivers, but nothing now works.

Any ideas ?

  spuds 10:08 19 Feb 2006

You have re-installed the drivers (latest version?)and checked the settings, so that one step forward.On re-boot you still have no communication, so this could perhaps mean something more serious.

You could try click here and see if they have an answer. Printers like the Z65 are so cheap nowadays, it may pay to look for a replacement, with warranty and manufacturers support. Lexmark will also provide technical advice for your problem,I have used them in the past, and find that they are fairly responsive.

  SB23 10:42 19 Feb 2006

Reinstalled and rebooted but still doesn't work. It's still saying that there'e a communication error.
Had a look at the Lexmark site, but nothing really applies to my current situation, have tried all applicable answers, but still nothing.
Oh well, never really liked this printer anyway, replacement ink is expensive, looks like it's a new printer.
I've just tried to print another document, and it's making a clunking noise now.
Any ideas for a new printer then ?

  spuds 10:56 19 Feb 2006

Lexmark and Dell (re-badged Lexmark) expensive to run, and certain models, compatibles can be hard to find. Epson and Canon, fairly cheap to run, but both manufacturers are trying to combat the compatible cartridge trade. HP mid range in running costs, and compatibles still available on most older models.

I use Lexmark X5150, HP 590 OfficeJet, which are both 4in1's. I also have an Epson C86 for general printing use (this model as now been superseded, and the C86 should be at discounted prices). Plus a Samsung ML-4500 laser.

All good products,and all do their intended jobs very well. Not knowing your requirements and budget, I would suggest a visit to see the good selection that PC World usually have in stock.

  SB23 11:12 19 Feb 2006

Will know budget after I've moved on Wednesday.
Thanks for the info spuds, but going to have to tick as resolved for the time being, as I'm losing my BB connection later today, BT line is being disconnected, and I'm taking my pc down until we've moved.
No doubt I will be back for advice on the printers I've found in about 10-14 days.( I believe it takes that long to transfer my BB account to my new no),cheers for now.


  SB23 14:04 09 Mar 2006

Just to let you all know, have just reinstalled printer, I thought I'd have one last go before going out and looking for a replacement, ( have time now that we've unpacked and settled in ), and would you believe the problem all this time was a stray yellow post-it note. It had some how found it's way down into the paper feed channel. It was a pain to get out, but the printer is now working fine.
Thanks to all who replyed.


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