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  livewire 16:31 03 Nov 2005


I am trying to find something like a JavaScript that will enable me to have a "Print page" button that will remove all the unessecary pictures and flash menus from a page so that it can be printed properly when a user goes File>Print in Internet Explorer.

Currently, when I go to choose file > print the text gets cut off as it isnt formatted properly on the page.

Do you know if something like this can be achieved using JavaScript -- or perhaps, by some other method?


  Forum Editor 17:59 03 Nov 2005

what you mean by "unnecessary pictures and Flash menus" - a script isn't going to know what's necessary or otherwise.

Here's the script to put a button on your page. Put it between <body> and <body> at the point on the page where you want the button to appear:-

<!-- Begin
if (window.print) {
document.write('<form>Click here to'
+ '<input type=button name=print value="Print" '
+ 'onClick="javascript:window.print()"> this page</form>');
// End -->

  livewire 18:43 03 Nov 2005

If you go to click here and go file>print in Internet Exlporer you can see that the text is cut off the page. Thats the problem im trying to fix...

Oddly, it works fine in Firefox :/ ?

  livewire 19:24 08 Nov 2005

I was wondering whether something like this might do the trick - but i'm not sure whether it could be implemented successfully?

click here

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