printer error;help please!!!!!

  end 21:35 29 Jun 2004

whilst tackling this
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the following has occurred;
the printer refused point blank to work and I am now getting the message
"software error;a necessary HP printing software file is either mising or corrupted;reinstall the HP Printing software that came with your printer and try again"

OK; I have the original CD FOR the programe; I have switched the printer off;
how do I go about this please???
every time I ask anything including e mails to print, even the "opening " printer dialogue box dos not appear; NOTHING.....I cannot even open the HP toolbox to print a test page, NOTHING,,ZILCH......

this all started AFTER I HAD managd TO change the document font TO blue AND HAD managed TP print SOME pages IN blue.

I have run scan disc which says there is nowt wrong......

win 98 se and HP deskjet 840

HELP please, please!!!!!!

I can print NOWT now!!!!!!!
the printer turns on but that is all now.......

AND, pages have been "freezing", adn I ahve had to "end" programs in order TO continue ON the computer...ALL " very annoying"!!!!!!!!

over to you please!!!!!!


  johnsims 21:39 29 Jun 2004

Go to printers and delete the printer. Run the uninstall HP printer from Control panel Add/Remove programs.
Reboot and when windows finds new hardware, reinstall printer driver from the CD

  PSF 21:40 29 Jun 2004

Un-install the printer in the control panel and then re-boot. Windows should find the printer and then ask for the drivers. Re-install the drivers and try again.

  shizzy 21:45 29 Jun 2004

Someone will know better than me but I would think you have to uninstall the software and start afresh. Use your HP instruction sheet but I would imagine you have to disconnect the printer before starting with the reinstall.

  end 21:46 29 Jun 2004

at present the printer is switched OFf;???, should I unplug it as well and disconnect it or just " go ahead"; have wonderred whether running an sfc might bring up something " useful"?????as I DO HAVE the original CD????
???any ideas what might HAVE casued this????? surely it could not be the simple thing OF changing the colour OF the print. AND I had been asking it to only print a section OF the long document at a time........

  woodchip 21:47 29 Jun 2004

have you tried swithching printer off, and switch computer off then reboot and swith printer on and retry

  VoG II 21:49 29 Jun 2004

The above advice is good but exactly what you have to do will depend on how the printer is connected to the 'puter.

If it is USB ("spade" sort of connector) you need to physically disconnect the printer then run the printer install CD then plug in the printer.

If it is a parallel port connection (loads of little pins on the connector) it doesn't matter, just re-run the printer CD.

  duckers 21:52 29 Jun 2004

It could also be worth uninstalling the printer driver before reinstalling it as well, although tihs is not generally a problem with XP it can make a difference in earlier versions of windows.

  end 21:59 29 Jun 2004

am about TO " kick the boot " at it ( a very LARGE (!!!) BOOT!!!), wot same idea ocurred to ME just now while " away " fronm this thing for a " quick time-out "bash a filing cabinete" " tim.e.............will report back, assuming I can still GET back........

  VoG II 22:02 29 Jun 2004

Good luck. Incidentally, I doubt that this is in any way connected to trying to print a Word document in blue. Just one of those things that are sent to drive us doolally.

  end 22:23 29 Jun 2004

I feel like referring folks to THIS thread
click here
and its predesessor ( wot same i cannot find at present(!!!!!)

I think its MY "turn" tonight!!!!

I had a bash at my filing cabinette, then said a few choice word to my computer and the printer;
went into "restart"( having pressed the " explode on impact button".....) , fully expecting nowt; THEN get a screan telling me the printer has some work waiting in the "queue" to do and would I like it to continue or....(!!!!!!!).
SO," thinks ". count to about 20 or so, then , um do I DARE TRYING to open the printer tool box(sitting beside my computer in a large metal box with an old rusty key that may break at any moment) , a it had REFUSED TO open previously;
yays, it opens, with a few groans of worn hinges and rusty knobs and bolts; THEN , can I "ask it TO print a test page or"...and it DOES!!!!!!

am I dreaming or;
SO; go to another site and ask it to print tHAT page by the " nromal" method; it does.

I know there ARE " issues" between calling something "black " or " white" these days ( politial correctness etc!!!), but SULELY the computer has not " got in on the act" and decided tyhat I am not " allowed" to ask for a change of colour..........

HOWEVER;; I have nOT yet tried to ask the thing to PRINT another page OF the colour document;

had better do so and report the gremilins as back in the forum again!!!!!!!
you cannot hear my screams and " blue" language (!!!) here....and a good job tooo........

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