Printer error message 'Waste ink tank nearly full'

  Conney 16:28 17 Oct 2008

I am getting an error message on my Canon i470D printer saying the waste ink tank is nearly full and the printer will soon stop working. Although 5 years old I do not want to replace the printer because, but for the current problem, it is still working extremely well. Can anybody advise me how I can deal with the problem or where I can get the waste ink tank emptied or replaced?

  setecio 16:32 17 Oct 2008

Another example of products being designed to die. I don't think you can fix this without a major disassembling job and software to reset the tank monitor.

  Stuartli 16:55 17 Oct 2008

That is patently untrue.

I had a Canon printer for 10 years (BJC600e) and there is a method of clearing the warning message (it was indicated by a combination of green flashing LCDS), but can't remember it now.

Conney's printer manual should provide the answer or perhaps this may help:

click here

or trawl through Canon's printers:

click here

  MarvintheAndroid 17:56 17 Oct 2008

Maybe this will help.

click here

(no personal experience of this, but hope it helps).


  setecio 10:20 18 Oct 2008

>>,,,example of products being designed to die..>>

That is patently untrue.

Well if Conney can fix it and it is in the manual, then you are correct, but if it turns out to be another example of saturated inaccessible ink pads or similar, and specialist knowledge is required, then it is an example of it.

  Stuartli 10:55 18 Oct 2008

So if, for instance, your car requires "inaccessible" spare parts or your TV set an replacement integrated chip, by your logic of "specialist knowledge is required", these also amount to products being "designed to die"...:-)

  Wak 12:36 18 Oct 2008

I had the same problem with a Canon BJ1000 years ago and got help from click here
I had to strip the body down which is held together with built-in clips and brackets to get to the Ink pad which lays in a tray at the bottom of the printer.
Washing out and then drying the pad can be a messy business but worth it if it saves buying a new printer.
Replace pad, rebuild printer and then play the correct code to reset the printer and away you go (all being well!!)
Best of luck.

  setecio 13:50 18 Oct 2008

Your initial post suggested it wasn't a 'designed to die' issue and was easily fixable. If that's true then I agree with you.

Your examples aren't applying my logic !

Waste ink tanks and pads in certain printer models WILL fill up after a certain amount of use (WILL and not MIGHT). Once they fill up, who can I go to in order to get them economically fixed? I haven't found anyone yet who can economically fix such a printer in the same way that many local garages can fix my car, and it would be hard to find anyone at all who will fix them even uneconomically.

  chub_tor 14:12 18 Oct 2008

Wak has the best link and it will lead you here click here. A Google search will also probably lead you to a way of dismantling your printer so that you can take out the waste pads and wash them out. It is usually very straightforward and I have done it on several different Canon machines for friends. If the printer is otherwise working OK there is no need to throw it away just because the waste pads are getting full.

  woodchip 14:24 18 Oct 2008

Why not just put a longer pipe on the one that is in and drill a hole in printer so wast ink can go into external waste tank. You should be able to fix it to the printer so that it does not knock over

  woodchip 14:26 18 Oct 2008

Best thing about wast tank Pipe does not follow printer head but stays the same place. Unlike those things you can use to save buying ink carts all the time

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