Printer Dye or Pigment!!

  spuds 13:33 04 Jul 2008

I have a CISS on my Epson R220 and R300 printers, and have the choice of Dye or Pigment refills for future replacements.

General printing, mainly text, nothing to fancy.

Have you used either inks on an Epson or other printer. Your opinions as to the wiser and better buy appreciated.

  Gordon999 13:44 04 Jul 2008


I would stick to Dye if you are not doing anything fancy. Have a look at this link from the Epson site you may find it useful.

click here

  spuds 20:43 04 Jul 2008

The information from the link was very interesting, and in a way dye seems ideal for my usual daily printing activities.

The reason why I have asked this question, was due to a supplier contact email. The company advertises various refills for different models of Epson printers and CISS kits. For the Epson R220 and R300 they have taken new stock consisting of pigment ink, which they are now recommending. Some other Epson models are still being supplied with dye ink, and the seller seems to suggest pigment ink is the way forward.

  BigAl127 00:51 05 Jul 2008

I've got a CISS on my R220, and am currently using dye refill inks, with no problems whatsoever.

  jack 08:24 05 Jul 2008

Are not interchangeable.
The heads being of a different design.
So stick to what you have been using.

May I then take the liberty to move sideways every so slightly .

My R300 CISS is being a little troublesome, inso far that the Yellow has stopped printng and instead am getting what appears to be for want of another explanation back pressure.
That is puddle of ink On Top Of the Tank.

Any thoughts any one?

  jack 12:28 05 Jul 2008

I can now see what the problem is.
Now how to fix it.
The collar the breather plugs sits on has a segment broken out of it.
Now can it be glued back ?
I ask my self

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