printer driver

  johnmike6153 07:34 03 Dec 2014

can anyone help me iam using the lexmark 4200 printer my driver have corrupted so please how can i get original drivers

  BRYNIT 07:56 03 Dec 2014

Lexmark Drivers CLICK HERE

  johnmike6153 09:32 03 Dec 2014

is there any othersite for the driver

  alanrwood 09:46 03 Dec 2014

Why would you want any other site. The site that Bryant has given is the Lexmark official site with all the approved drivers. Just put in the appropriate model number etc and you should get what you want.

  johnmike6153 09:52 03 Dec 2014

That driver is not working for my device

  onthelimit1 10:11 03 Dec 2014

Assuming you downloaded the correct one for your operating system, I'd suspect it's the printer that's at fault.

  lotvic 10:22 03 Dec 2014

Are you using Windows XP?

Having done a search etc, it would seem you need CJB4200EN.exe which is on Lexmark website. Lexmark 4200 Series All-In-One Driver ClickHere the description is a little confusing but if you do a web search they all seem to offer this CJB4200EN.exe as the printer driver. You could try the Universal Driver from Lexmark if that one doesn't work for you.

  johnmike6153 10:29 03 Dec 2014

one of a friend suggested me a website havig drivers i have downloaded it

  onthelimit1 10:56 03 Dec 2014

Hmmm. Hope there wasn't any unexpected 'baggage' with it!

  johnmike6153 11:11 03 Dec 2014

no can you help me about that driver which i downloaded

  lotvic 11:27 03 Dec 2014

Give us the link then, (copy and paste the url into your post) and the name of the driver file so we can look at it please.

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