printer delay

  [DELETED] 16:49 06 Aug 2003

can anyone please explain why my printer takes about five minutes before deciding to print anything. I have win xp home edition 80 gb 512mb and a hp 920c printer. this problem, along with a general slow down in overall performance has become more noticable just recently.
any ideas would be most helpful


mikey b

  [DELETED] 18:07 06 Aug 2003

It may be that your printer settings are incorrect. But you also mention a general overall slowing down of system. You have enough memory, but is it being used by other programs that are running in the background? Have you tried a clean out of your Temp. files, [Win. and internet], removing of unnecessary programs/applications, and a defrag of your drive? j.

  [DELETED] 19:10 06 Aug 2003

Have a look in the printer settings. Is your printer set to spool the whole document before printing? Try deselecting it.

  xania 20:56 06 Aug 2003

You have plenty of memory, but Windows has probably stolen it. I suggest you get it back with click here.

It is free, and has save me much time and worry

  [DELETED] 21:00 06 Aug 2003

I had a problem identical to this with my epson printer whilst running ME (now on XP Pro). I tried running MSCONFIG and disabling some programs but that did not work. In the end, the only way I got round it was by formatting my HDD, and then installing XP Pro.

  spuds 23:31 06 Aug 2003

Are your drivers up to date for XP. I have had many problems with an HP590 OfficeJet and Samsung Laser,since converting to XP Pro from WME.Both machines worked perfectly with WME. The HP keeps failing with a 'communications' problem, and the Samsung keeps insisting that it is 'new hardware found'. Still trying to solve these problems, even with new drivers.

  wee eddie 23:26 07 Aug 2003

Connection, Parallel or USB?

Have you recently installed a Watermark onto all your documents.

Has your Letterhead become more complex.

  [DELETED] 14:56 09 Aug 2003

thanks everybody, I've lot's to try there. I'll post back if anything improves.

mikey b

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