Printer Decisions.

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 16:47 18 Oct 2010

We have a mix of inkjets and it's costing us £100/month. So we are seeking advice to get our strategy right.

We need two printers, 1 up and 1 downstairs. I assume they will be the same make. Have just installed the SBS server and have some queries:

1. Our network is wired and wireless so if we connect wired I assume the server cannot control the printer. Am I right?

2. What are the merits of connecting the printers through the server and is there a choice of interfaces e.g. Eth., wireless or USB?

3. Anyone have experience of choosing Laser or Jet?

4. I've always admired Panasonic electronics but any other suggestions welcome especially if someone has done some costing.

Our budget is likely to be £300 - £500 for both.

  Ashrich 00:34 28 Oct 2010

Printers connected to the server will be available to all PC's connected to the network , plus if you choose the right printer they can be accessed wirelessly or through the wired connection .

I have just built/installed a new server for a client and connected a Samsung wireless colour laser all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax to it , all computers , when connected to the network have access to either the Samsung or their existing HP inkjet with no problems at all .

I didn't have any say in which printer the client bought , had I done I wouldn't have opted for the wireless part as it is already hard wired to the server using USB , which is accessible via their wireless router .

Ok , so the way I set this up was to simply install the all-in-one on the server , make it available via file and print sharing , and checked this through the Samsung driver ( all PC's are using the same OS ) Added the Samsung to all the PC's and laptops using the Add network printer facility . Did the same for the HP inkjet , and the user can then select which one they want to print to from the print dialogue box

Forgot to add , the HP inkjet is connected to one of the other PC's on the office network , not on the server , but it is still available to every one who adds it .


  jfell-1620020 06:24 28 Oct 2010

hey Ashrich i am agree with you. i have done same thing and i was successful to connect.

Thanks, we will need a wired laser as the server is not in a suitable place and also need one up and one downstairs. We are going for a colour and a b/w printer but do not need multifunction.

To be able to control the printer from the server would be useful but can this be done if the printer is on the network (IP address) and not directly connected? Anyway do not want the printer to take up server resources and I suppose it would be best to have the print queue on the clients. Any opinions?

  Ashrich 17:25 28 Oct 2010

If you get a printer with ethernet capability , then great , you can plug it in to the router and it will still be added to each PC when a network printer is searched for , if it is attached to another computer on the network the same applies ( as long as that PC is always on ) .

As printer control is via the drivers or print cue it doesn't matter which it is attached to .


Quite right. I shall get one that is configured for wired eth. I assume it's drivers will be there in one place so no need to install one each client.

PS. anyone fed up with that ad. this site is putting on? I am and it will drive me away!

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