Printer chucks out blank pages periodically

  VestanPance 09:32 26 May 2003

Printer is HP Deskjet 815C. I am using HP driver. Printer is on LPT1. Every so often it chucks out a blank page. Generally it does this soon after booting, and every now and again afterwards. I've not timed hoe long the gaps are, but I'd guess an hour or more each time. It's not a big deal, but why does it do it?

  Wak 14:43 26 May 2003

Do you mean it just sends out one sheet of paper even though you haven't selected "PRINT"???
If it does, I can't help with the problem but would suggest that you simply remove the supply of paper until it gets sorted out.
Have you tried re-installing the driver??

  vinnyT 15:33 26 May 2003

Are all the connections firmly plugged into their ports, power, data, etc it could be that 1 or the other is jiggling about and causing the symptoms you describe.

  Granger 16:13 26 May 2003

I had this with a HP 960c and it was the driver. Uninstall the lot and reinstall the driver. Check for updated drivers click here

  Granger 16:23 26 May 2003

And if you're using HP paper, don't, its sticky! If you are using HP Bright White paper, change this first.

  VestanPance 21:48 26 May 2003

-vinnyT- Double checked all those, still same.
-Granger- Checked your link, just points to Win XP as having the driver, no download. Will uninstall and reinstall to see if that resolves it.

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