printer CD writer problem

  night flyer 20:09 26 Dec 2003

Hi hope everyone had a lovely xmas,ok a couple of weeks ago my CD writer died so i got a new one,fitted and installed it after doing a new install of win XP Pro,everything went well the new writer worked a treat.then yep there's always a then, well the problem is when i reinstalled my printer my cd writer stopped being detected by auto detect at start up.tried uninstalling writer and printer several times but i can't get the 2 to work together,any advice would be most welcome. thanks in advance

  Big Elf 20:18 26 Dec 2003

Are any problems shown in Device Manager or Event Viewer (Administrative Tools)? I assume the CDR is not a USB one?

  night flyer 20:21 26 Dec 2003

hi big Elf the problem is the Cd writer just wont detect i've tried to get it to detect but the thing is just invisable,untill i uninstall the printer then it just detects on startup and works fine.

  Big Elf 20:25 26 Dec 2003

I'm not really up on IRQs but wonder if that's the problem. Device Manager might indicate a problem though e.g. messages like 'This device cannot start'.

  night flyer 20:27 26 Dec 2003

i'm definatley not up on IRQs infact i ain't got a clue what they are.i did try to see if the device manager might indicate something but it showd no problems as far as i could see.

  Big Elf 20:59 26 Dec 2003

I assume then that the CDR is not visible in Device Manager if the printer is installed?

  night flyer 21:07 26 Dec 2003

yes thats right nothing shows up,but when i uninstall the printer it's there and everything is ok.sorry if i'm not much help here i'm a novice.i've tried searching google for answer's but got nowhere.

  night flyer 22:25 26 Dec 2003


  night flyer 06:24 27 Dec 2003


  Djohn 06:29 27 Dec 2003

Good morning night flyer. Which make/model of printer and how is it connected to the PC?

  night flyer 06:44 27 Dec 2003

morning Djohn,the printer is a Epson stylus C42ux and it's connected by a USB cable

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