printer cannot "find" laptop thru network

  kathythorpek 13:06 09 Jan 2013

Husbands desktop came back from major surgery and after reinstall etc. the attached printer (not wireless) HP4100 series only prints from his pc. I have done most of troubleshooting but printer still cannot recognize my laptop. There was no problem before his Dell got "sick" I no longer have the printer installation disk to start from scratch.

  recap 13:47 09 Jan 2013

You will need to install the HP Print Driver

on the laptop for it to be recognised.

  alanrwood 16:09 09 Jan 2013

Driver available from

Also has the set up guide for wireless and ethernet connections. Have a look through there

Can you just confirm how the printer is connected. Is it to a computer with a USB or via ethernet to a network.

  mgmcc 22:29 09 Jan 2013

As the printer worked previously, your PC will already have the necessary drivers installed. What you need to do is delete the existing "network printer" and then install it again using the procedure to "Add Printer".

Because husband's PC has had Windows reinstalled, the existing path to it from your PC will no longer be valid, so this has to be created again. Make sure that the printer is set as "shared" in the PC to which it is connected.

  alanrwood 11:23 10 Jan 2013

Hi mgmcc Depends on how it was connected originally ie by USB or on an ethernet network which was why I asked the question. I agree with what you say if it is connected to hubby's machine by USB and was simply a shared printer. Rgds Alan

  kathythorpek 22:11 10 Jan 2013

I appreciate everyone's feedback. Everything has been done and still no connection. Adding a printer, sharing is set on both. My laptop prints only when I attach to usb. I need to see what you mean by connecting thru ethenet. I have an Asus laptop, not quite a year old. Hoping to get some phone support. Thanks to all.

  alanrwood 11:04 11 Jan 2013

Hi From your response I guess (and I may be wrong) that you can print OK if you connect your printer direct to your laptop USB port. That means that you have the drivers installed on your laptop. I further assume that you wish to print when the printer is connected to your hubby's computer. For this you also need to install it as a network printer on your laptop. Assuming you are using Win7, open up Devices and Printers from Control Panel. Click on Add new printer. Select Network printer (not local printer) from the two options. click OK. The program will then search for printers (You must have hubby's machine and the printer turned on and connected and the printer set as a shared printer on Hubby's machine). The printer should be found and shown on a list. Select it and agree to install. It might take a few minutes but it should install all the required drivers on your laptop by downloading them from hubby's machine if they are not already on your laptop. You will now end up with the same printer being shown in Devices and Printers, one for use when directly connected and one for use when the printer is connected to hubby's machine (when machine and printer are both turned on). Hope this explains the position a little better than previously

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