Printer that can print "DEEP" Black, either Laser/Inkjet

  Rabi 12:45 29 Jun 2012


Bought a Hot-Foil printer and a screen printer as a gift to a non-profit school.

We require a printer that can print what I am told is referred to as "deep blacks" on either tracing paper (in A4 sheets) or A4 sized plastic sheets. These (I am told, we have no experience in this ...) sheets are used to then used to make moulds, or "screens" for the screen printer in a very simple way. I believe they are used in a method of photo-exposing, as the image is produced as a negative There are other ways using chemicals, and these are more complex and cost much more.. Anyway, they have their own process and it seems to work fine, and costs very little.

Grateful if we could benefit from some advice on which laser printer or ink-jet printer could print the deep-black required to enable the negative be produced sharply; apprently the deeper the black (to prevent light going through the paper/sheet) the better.

Price range, as least as possible, but between 100-300 Pounds.

Thank you, and looking forward to some help here

  northumbria61 13:13 29 Jun 2012

Take a look here whilst I search for something that may suit your needs enter link description here

  Rabi 13:20 29 Jun 2012

Wow, than kyou so much, that was a quick reply.

Reading the article, will try to understand it.

Thank you so much fpr taking the time to look for models/units that may suit our needs. Our budget, in particular.

Very grateful

  northumbria61 13:29 29 Jun 2012

More information about Media Types and Ink Information enter link description here and possibly the type of printer you are looking for?

  Rabi 13:38 29 Jun 2012

Trying to get the info from overseas for you (that's where the need is, in Africa).

Have taken a look at the product link yu provided, looks like it would do the job, but a little more expensive and much bigger than we are hoping for.

Ideally, a uniit that would qualify as a "Desktop" unit would be what we are looking for, if possible?

Should have the Media info for you soon, thank yuo again

  northumbria61 13:53 29 Jun 2012

Another link with more info enter link description here You mention thin plastic sheets - are you referring to something like "transparencies" ? If so this is referred to in this link which is selected from your printer.

I can't recommend a printer at this particular time and I am not sure that your budget will get you what you want. Others who view this may disagree or have more useful information. Worth waiting to see if anyone else posts here.

  Rabi 14:01 29 Jun 2012

Thank you so much, the information you have provided is indeed very helpful. I have passed on to the end user, and awaiting replies.

And yes, I am referring to "Transparencies", that much I know ...

Thanks again

  chub_tor 17:14 29 Jun 2012

Click Here and Click Here may help you understand the requirements for silk screen transparencies - unfortunately they are both USA links but with a bit more research you can probably find UK suppliers.

  mooly 08:16 04 Jul 2012

Only just seen this thread.

I use a cheap Epson Inkjet for printing onto tranparancies. The images have to be absolutely perfect as they are used as a photo mask in an ultraviolet lightbox. The images are intense black and very very fine and detailed. No pin holes or smearing is permisable. The images are actually of electronic printed circuit board layouts that are used with photosensitized copper clad board to produce printed circuits.

The printer settings are very important. These are what I use.

Paper type EPSON MATTE with BEST PHOTO selected.

Brightness ZERO (have used -25 and was O.K. Contrast +25 Hi-speed enabled Edge smoothing enabled All other settings disabled

Selecting matte paper gives the highest density ink.

The transparancies I use are these,

Jettec ink cartridges are dye based and give excellent results (the original Epson ones are resin based and may not be suitable). There are newer types of transparancy that will work with pigment based inks but these are more expensive.

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